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  1. I'm a new grad currently waiting to hear from one of my dream jobs at a hospital (like almost everyone else on here). I'm thinking about doing work out of the hospital while I wait. Anyone have information on Maxim healthcare services? I believe it's an agency. Some people in various threads have said it's great, while others have said to avoid it! They haven't stated any particular reasons to back up their point. Any insight is much appreciated to a naive new grad being reached out by Maxim!
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    I'm surprised they contacted you, as most agencies won't take on new grads. They prefer experienced nurses who need little training. That being said, I've never dealt with Maxim other than recruiting attempts on their part.

    IMO see what they call and offer you. Maybe they will offer you more than just the standard orientation that agency nurses get. However, be realistic: you're probably not going to get Nursing 101 from them. So accept assignments with caution because if (God forbid) something happens with a patient, it's not them who's held liable, but it's you and your license.

    Best of luck!
  4. by   bingu64
    HI, i'm a new grad rn too. i got my license in march. i got a call from maxim health care today. They asked me how long i have been RN, and i said since March 2013. And he said he needs at least one year experience. So not for now, but he wanted me to apply again one year later. i don't know about agency well too.
  5. by   knurse1212
    Thanks for all the input. I applied to another position months ago, and they only called me back recently because there was a new grad opportunity in my area.

    Bingu64, hopefully the maxim in your area starts a new grad opportunity sometime. Otherwise hang in there and keep searching! Good luck!