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LVN programs - Riverside County

  1. 0 What LVN programs are near or around Temecula? I do tons of searches but always find this to be the most helpful... as things are always changing!!! THANKS!!!
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    I think I responded to another of your posts, your husband is NCIS correct? I don't think there are any that are any cheaper than Kaplan. I think the LVN schools are mostly all private now. In my Kaplan class of 45 students, 18 are from Temecula.
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    Well, im in your shoes as well. I visited the following schools

    1. Concorde career college....san bernardino
    2. Pacific college....costa mesa
    3. Summit career collee....colton
    4. Four d collee......colton
    5 nothe west college....riverside care institute...moreno valley
    7. Kaplan

    and from all of the above im leaning towards four d college, but i wish i can go to pacific college, but i cant cause the drive on the 91 fwy is insane during the morning hours.
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    Better check the pass rate on 4 D in Colton.
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    is anyone a four d student??
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    i know chaffey used to offer LVN..... have you looked into that campus?
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    but like some one previous stated a lot of LVN programs.. are now in those "private" schools .... y not concorde?
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    Chaffey College, Rancho Cucamonga, still offers CNA, LVN and RN programs. Also Radiology and EMT