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Hello! I've applied to the LVN to BSN cohort at National University in SD that begins in January 2013. Anyone else there apply, too? I'm currently waiting for an email so I can take the TEAS.... Read More

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    "]I live in vista, my grades are an A, B and C. I guess I will have to retake micro and get a better grade And obviously retake the teas, bummer is alot of other schools only take your first passing grade I have thought about kaplan because I don't care about the money I have a young daughter and my husband and I really want to get me through an RN program before having another baby so I want start ASAP. And if I was unable to get into national with the score I had I doubt I'll get into any of the cc. It sucks too bc I didn't get an email or anything my stasis just straight up changed to "denied", way to make a person feel hopeful. I am so happy for all of you, I just have been denied so many times I am discouraged

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    Hi everyone! Ive been accepted too see yall at orientation¡ Just retracted my offer at the that I got accepted to go National University! I wonder how well I did on the essay.
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    Anyone planning on taking one of the Spanish in the workplace or cultural classes in Dec/Jan just to get it over with?
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    I am peachy, im planning to take soc 500. Ill call my advisior tomorrow. I wouldnt wanna deal with it AFTER we complete all the nursing classes ayhhh!
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    I have taken those two courses already. I recommend taking HUB500 instead of SOC500. The professor that I had was awesome.
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    Tawnyalee don't give up. I know you can do it. I think you should retake Micro for a better grade and retake the TEAS. I found out that you can take tthe TEAS as many times as youwant for NU. I know you can take the TEAS at SDSU and there is no wait time between test.
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    So we have to take the 2 Spanish classes and HUB 500 or SOC 500? Do you guys know if having a BA degree cancels any of those classes?
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    Does anyone have the contact information for the nursing dept?? I've been trying to reach them all day and only get voice mail.... ugh. I've sent emails in addition and still no response.
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    I sent the numbers to you k8. Check your messages
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    Accepted as well, can't wait to meet you all!

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