LVN-BSN National University January 2013 cohort - page 26

Hello! I've applied to the LVN to BSN cohort at National University in SD that begins in January 2013. Anyone else there apply, too? I'm currently waiting for an email so I can take the TEAS.... Read More

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    What have you been up to?? I thought that you moved back to SF

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    I've been going to school since I got out
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    I work in OB/GYN oncology Dept. I've stayed busy. Still wish I worked in the NICU. But I hope to fix that when I get my RN
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    That's where I want to be. I love working in the NICU. I actually want to be a NNP.
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    I go out in 2011 and went back to school to get my BSN and was able to challenge the board for my LVN
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    I'm so bummed out!!! Very happy for you all but I can't help but feel like a failure. What to do now is the question
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    I'm sorry tawnyalee! But please don't feel like a failure! You still have other options... Have you looked into southwestern? Or kaplan?
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    Tawnylee, what area do you live in? Try applying to all other places and another cohort? I was selected as an alternate but will have to respectfully decline because the el segundo deadline is mid January, which I feel I need to jump on in case being an alternate doesn't cut it. Nevertheless, congrats to those of you who made it!
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    You should accept being an alternate... I mean it wont hurt and who knows what might happen! Tawnyalee, Dont give up! Keep trying, keep studying, and retake a class for a better grade if you have to. Do what ever you need to do to reach your goal.
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    I live in vista, my grades are an A, B and C. I guess I will have to retake micro and get a better grade And obviously

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