Los Angeles Harbor College Fall 2012 - page 13

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Hi everyone! I've sent in my application for Fall 2012 at LAHC, and already took my Teas 5 for another school but I haven't heard anything yet if I've cleared the first lottery. Two of my friends are in their first semester at... Read More

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    Orientation was awesome. LAHC has got it together and they were super helpful and informative. Their NCLEX pass rate is 92% for the last 5 years... I'm excited
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    It might be a nice program, but the culture of superiority is palatable.

    Ms. P*** shushes everyone who is not an RN student. The DON, as well as the supplemental staff are just horrid...

    I am attending the CNA program presently, but even if I didnt have my mind made up about EL Camino, after seeing the rampant superiority/god complex here - I would never choose this as my nursing program.

    I am just getting my CNA and applying elsewhere.

    Additionally, since I work downtown LA, I'll be filing a grievance with LACCD upon receipt of my grade and completion certificate.