Looking for help with some infor on completing my pre requisites

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    New to this forum and great to read so much of info on nursing, its nits and grits. I am planning to apply to San Jose state SON program Fall of 2013 and need to complete their pre requisites. Some were suggesting taking BIOL65/66/MICRO20/CHEM30A/30B et al for instance online. I wasn't sure if that's even done or if those credits are valid.

    To give some background, I did my undergrad some donkeys years ago back in my home country. Apart from attending some openU courses here at SJSU, haven't essentially been enrolled in a school here. Any inputs will be greatly appreciated!

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  3. by   perioddrama
    Does the SON you want to go to have a website? Can you try calling and verifying if those pre-req classes will be allowed?
  4. by   caliotter3
    SJSU has information sessions (unless they did away with them), where you can bring unofficial copies of your trancripts and get advice. Suggest you do that. Or make an appointment to speak with one of their advisors.
  5. by   lkailasam
    Thanks Caliotter. They did have a BSN group advising that I attended which was truly helpful. However, that said-- their advisors at the student services said contacting their international queries would give me a rough evaluation of how much credits I have, and how many more I may need. Apparently, they don't do it unless I am a registered student of CSU system. I will be contacting the SON soon to see if they will give me credit for any of the common courses I have done during my undergrad days.

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