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Living in Iowa and thinking about moving to California Nursing?

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    I am from Iowa and I work as a Patient Care tech(CNA) on the brain injury and spinal cord injury floor and I also float around to our neuro floor and med surg floor. I have been doing this for about 2 1/2 years and I am looking for a change! I want to see more things and get more experience in other states. I have always loved California! I make around 11.45 now and I know Iowa is horrible for nursing I was curious as to how people are living as a CNA and if you would reccomend the move?
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    All the CNAs on my unit work two full time jobs to be able to pay their bills. The cost of living is incredible out here. My husband and I make $130k together and we live comfortably but with no kids and still renting so not paying $2500+ a month mortgage. I wouldn't suggest you move out here alone for a CNA job.
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    The CNA salaries are not much better than Iowa either: think $12-18/hr for a hospital. Given the job competition out here, you're more likely to see salaries on the side of $12 than $18. Non-hospital settings are likely to pay less.

    Registry nursing has rates comparable to hospitals or maybe a bit higher, but the trade-off is no guaranteed hours, no job security and no benefits.

    A lot of CNAs hold down more than one job to make ends do a lot of nurses.

    I agree with the prior poster: coming out here just for a CNA job is a bad idea, unless you have family/friends that you can live with or you hit the lottery.