Large welt/bump on TB/PPD screening? 16 y/o girl

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    I got my first TB/PPD screening today (July 7, 2014) at around 11 a.m. When the nurse placed the needle in my arm, a small bump appeared which I know is normal. She said that after a few minutes the bump would go away, and it did.
    However now around 10 minutes ago, my arm started getting really itchy where I got the shot, and it formed into this right above the PPD shot. I didn't scratch it or rub it whatsoever.

    Is this normal? Does it mean I'm positive with PPD? My mom said she took the TB/PPD screening before and she was hospitalized because doctors thought it was positive, however it turned out to be negative. Does that mean I have a chance of having it?

    I'm a 16 year old girl, with no major health issues besides asthma.
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    I am also positive to the mantoux shot but after I did the chest xray the result came out negative. You might have a latent tb due to previous exposure (mostly immigrant from africa) and can be treated with rifampin but you need a prescription from your doctor.
    However, you need to go back to where you got the shot (I.e 48-72 houra) after you got shot and they would read your result for you. If by then the size is larger than 5mm or 10 then you are positive and a chest xray would be done to confirm the result. Your doctor would tell you what to do if u are postive.
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    We are prohibited by the terms of service from giving medical advice. You need to follow up with your primary care provider about your concerns.
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