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Hello, Has anyone been contacted by the nurse recruiter at Lakewood Regional Medical Center? I got an email asking if I took the NCLEX yet. I'm hoping that's a good sign, meaning they are potentially looking at my application.... Read More

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    Hi, I was interviewed and hired, I know they also hired a few people and I also know they have a few more interviews scheduled. I know someone that is scheduled in a couple of days. I'm sure they didn't fill all 10 spots before they finish the scheduled interviews. They received 450 app's and only interviewed 30 people and are filling 10 spots. They did state that you should have your RN license by the time of interview (I think they posted this on the job description)
    Good Luck...I know it's very stressful out there

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    I just saw that I have 2 missed calls from Lakewood Regional. I interviewed about 3 weeks ago. Wonder what it means? Called and left a message. Hmm..
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    Got offered a position at Lakewood Regional but have to turn it down because another hospital offered me a position first.

    I hope this helps another new grad get the job they've been dreaming of. :heartbeat
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    does anyone know the next cohort deadline for lakewood regional medical center?

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