Job opportunities in CA for ADN with a BS that's not a BSN?

  1. I'm finishing up my BS in general biology right now and am thinking about getting into an ADN program, but I'm seeing posts about how many hospitals prefer BSN over ADN, which is kinda discouraging. Considering how expensive college is getting, and having barely making it through 4 years of theory (my GPA is not exactly the best, which is why I'm not going to grad school like the majority of students on my campus ==), the last thing I wanna do is go through another BS program. However, I feel like I am capable of going through an ADN program since it'd be less theory and more hands-on learning that's actually directly related to the job, which I well prefer. So I'm wondering if a BS in a related field would still count towards anything in terms of recruitment when the current job market prefers candidates w/ a BSN? And does anyone know if most hospitals in California only take BSN graduates instead of ADN?

    This may be a bit off-topic (or forum, for all that matters), but I'm also considering programs for Occupational Therapy Assistant and Respiratory Therapy, so if anyone knows anything about how well these professions do in California (in terms of job opportunities/outlook), that'd be great too!
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    Unfortunately, an ADN with a BA or non-nursing BS is not considered the same as having a BSN, since you probably didn't cover nursing theory, community nursing, research, etc. in your BA/BS program

    A lot of hospitals out here are Magnet or trying for it, and so they strongly prefer BSNs. ADNs do get hired, but often they are internal employees of a facility, already enrolled in the RN-BSN program, or networked like crazy during their clinical rotations. I'm a ADN/BA who was able to get hired at a major hospital in CA...but I'm also an ADN/BA in a RN-BSN program, and also with experience and specialty certification, so that helped a lot (whew!)

    Since you're going to have a BS shortly...have you considered an accelerated or second-degree BSN program? Time-wise they're about the same as an ADN program, maybe a little longer.
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  4. by   CarryThatWeight
    I was an ADN in California. I had a 4.0 in my ADN program and had a terrible time getting a job. Even once I finished my BSN, it was still difficult to find work. I am now in Texas working on my first choice unit. I would not advise you to go the ADN route.
  5. by   JPA_RN
    I graduated with a degree in Biology and entered an accelerated Entry Level Master's of Nursing program. There are plenty of programs like this that offer an ADN/BSN portion of the program that are usually 18-24 months if you have a degree in something else already. After you get your RN license you may have the option to continue with the program to receive your Master's degree. It can vary between an extra year for an MSN-educator/administrator or another 2 years for an FNP type degree.

    Unfortunately for me I chose an ADN Entry Level of Master's Nursing program and received my CA RN license last November 2011 and have not been able to find a nursing job with just my ADN and Bachelor's in Biology. Seems to me that BSN's have a much bigger advantage. I'm currently on track to go back to school to get an MSN even though I was hoping to get some nursing experience before I was planning to go back. My advice to you would be to do a program that offers a BSN. In my opinion, having your ADN without any prior nursing experience simply isn't worth it anymore. Good luck!
  6. by   sauconyrunner
    Short answer, your BS in anything but Nursing will not really help you, and your GPA if it is not that great will hurt your chances for acceptance to both ADN and BSN programs. I see a lot of students who seem to think that the ADN programs are easier to get into, and in fact, due to the lower cost they are often more competitive.

    At this point it seems you are looking for a program which will make you employable. Nursing right now is a very tough market in CA. It would be another 2-3 years for you to begin job searching and things may or may not change at that point, so then you would have 2 degrees, and a lot of debt, and possibly no job.

    You may want to look in to working as a Pharmacy Rep or some such. Your biology degree will come in handy that way.
  7. by   tnbutterfly
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  8. by   LiLev
    I would say that if you are in California I would hold off on getting your other degree BS and either switch majors to nursing or double major. Once you have a Bachelor's degree in California your schooling options and financial aid options decrease exponentially. I never thought I would regret having a degree but I sure did once I started looking into nursing school because California doesn't alliow second Bachelor's degrees at public schools.

    Good luckl
  9. by   shytide
    Thank you all for your advice! I'm looking into second degree BSN programs, but so far they seem loaded w/ prereqs and would take a total of at least 4 years to complete, including prereqs :/

    @sauconyrunner: Yes, I am looking for something that'd make me employable with as little time in school as possible, but I am not one for sales. Any other suggestions that relates to the medical field that would be do-able for someone w/ a low GPA like me? I heard occupational therapy assistant is not bad and pays pretty well for the amount of school it needs; have you heard anything on that?

    @JPA_RN: That accelerated Entry Level Master's of Nursing program sounds interesting... may I ask which school offers that? Thanks!!
  10. by   Av03
    I happen to be a nuclear medicine technologist and recently finished my BSN. I'm having trouble finding a job even with a medical background. My advice is if you have difficulty getting into a BSN program, try medical imaging. California has lots of these programs at the associates and bachelors level. Starting pay for any medical imaging is 26-30 an hour. Examples are MRI tech, CT techs, and ultrasound techs. Do a quick search of jobs in your city and see how many jobs are open in your area. Good luck.