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  1. Is anyone familiar with this new program, or know anyone who is currently in the first class? I'm finding mixed reviews about it online, and I just took their HESI exam today. I got a 91 overall, so I have a feeling that score won't be competitive enough to make it in the top 30 students, but I'm trying to remain optimistic!
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  3. by   erin724
    I don't know anyone who currently attends but I took the HESI exam back in May and I scored 95. I already did the financial aid appointment. I am a little nervous about possibly attending a new, private, very expensive program. However, I have many friends who are currently nurses and when I spoke to them about the program they reassured me that as long as they are approved by the BRN and at the end of the program I can sit for the exam, than that is what is really important. One of my friends is a manager with Kaiser and he told me he doesn't really look at which school the applicant graduated from. They said that it is really up to the individual to make sure they are being challenged in their program.

    A 91 is a pretty good score. I was told that in the spring class the lowest score was 87. Not sure how many more people have taken the exam. I think today was the last test date for the Fall cohort. I guess we will find out in August who made the cut off. Good luck to you!
  4. by   Marykdarling
    Hi Erin! Thanks for your quick response. It's nice to talk to someone else who is currently going through the same process as me!

    I definitely have the same concerns as you, and have been told the same thing by friends. It really seems like the most important thing is to get into a program right now, and frankly I'm not interested in waiting x amount of years!

    Yes, you're right. Today was the last testing day for the September class. I know there where 2 testing days in May. Do you know how many more were before that? I'm just trying to predict the likely hood that I'll be part of the top 30! I'm sure you have nothing to worry about because a 95 is an EXCELLENT score!

    I looked online and the average for my testing group was a 79. That number may not be entirely accurate because Devon from ITT told me the way HESI takes the average for the exam is different than how the actual campus gives out our average. Do you know the average for your testing group?

    Knowing that the lowest score in the first class was an 87 makes me feel a little better too! Although, I'm sure there weren't nearly as many people testing for the first class as there are now! I feel like there are hundreds of applicants for those select few spots!

    Anyways, good luck to you!!!!
  5. by   erin724
    It is good to talk to someone else going through the same process. I know that there were 2 test dates in April in addition to the 2 test dates in May and I think there were 2 test dates in June as well. The average for my test date was 86. When I took the test there were only 8 people I think. A couple of them were retaking the HESI from the Spring cohort.

    I agree with you. The important thing right now is getting into a program. I have a BS degree and have been chasing my prerequisites for years trying to get into school. I thought it was going to be a long time before I got in until I found out about this new program. I am excited at the prospect of getting into school and hopefully the job outlook will be better in a few years.

    I know another person who took the test the other day and she was told that we should find out who was accepted in the next 2-3 weeks! Good luck to you too!!!
  6. by   mluisausi
    Hi! I also took the hesi that same day. I scored 91.7 and I haven't heard anything yet. I don't know how long before they send emails out but I talked to Nicole and she said hat they're still not finish ranking the students.
  7. by   erin724
    I just received an email today that I got in!! I am super excited and very nervous! Did either of you get notification yet? Best of luck to you both!!
  8. by   mluisausi
    Wow erin724, that's very exciting.. Congrats of getting in. I haven't received any email yet. Are they supposed to send rejection letter as well? In my understanding only the accepted students are getting email, but I don't want to be waiting for nothing if I didn't get in. I hope they'll at least send an email to those that didn't get accepted.
  9. by   mrsmoore213
    If your worried about getting into the class you should try Cartington College. I took the Hesi test and received a 95, and already did my paperwork, im just waiting for financial aid. The only difference is there program is a first come first serve basis, and not just on your scores.
  10. by   mluisausi
    Hi Mary, have you heard anything from itt yet?
  11. by   mluisausi
    I just got an email from itt. The 30 students had been selected and they said I'm on the waiting list. Bummer! Does anybody know of anyone not taking their spot?
  12. by   erin724
    I keep trying to post a response but for some reason it isn't posting. My email said we have until July 6th to accept the seat for the class. It did not give me any specifics as to what my rank among the 30 students is. Sorry you didn't get accepted. You still have a chance though and with your score I would think you are close to the top of the waiting list. I know of one other person who accepted their seat. Good luck to you! Who knows, you may get an email of acceptance after July 6th!
  13. by   mluisausi
    Thanks for the info Erin. I would wait till then. That was a helpful info. Congrats to you again. Hopefully I see you there if I get in.
  14. by   Marykdarling
    Wow ladies!! I didn't get any e-mail notifications with this thread!! Congrats to you Erin... What wonderful news!!! I haven't received any kind of e-mail, so I wont be holding my breath, but keep us updated on your wait list status!!