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Is anyone familiar with this new program, or know anyone who is currently in the first class? I'm finding mixed reviews about it online, and I just took their HESI exam today. I got a 91 overall, so... Read More

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    Quote from Marykdarling
    And ITT Tech is actually a 27 month program.
    Oh ok, I see. How long did it take you to complete your prereqs?

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    Well, I was working full time while going to school, so it took me two years to take my sciences. (General Chemistry, Micro, Anatomy & Physiology). Then I took my "easy" classes (Psych, Nutrition, Speech, Sociology, & Human Development) while taking my science classes. Sometimes it takes people longer, sometimes shorter depending on if they take summer school or not. That's why ITT was appealing to me, because my college credits from the junior college would transfer over, and I wouldn't have to retake them or anything. Also, it significantly decreased the amount I would have to pay in tuition.
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    Hi Mary,

    I'm in the same boat as you. I also took the HESI last month and scored 90%. (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME - PLEASE DO NOT POST NAMES OF ANYONE IN YOUR PROGRAM PER TOS) did say most likely I would not be admitted and to apply again in Sept for the next class starting March '13. It's sooo frustrating for those of us with pre-reqs completed and waiting!!! I'm definitely going to retest in Sept to bring my score up & hopefully I will be accepted.

    Last week I visited Carington College and yes you will have to attend the LVN program then do the LVN bridge to RN program. The cost was going to be close to $90k (ouch) and it would take at least 32 months (not including 6 mos as working as an LVN BEFORE bridge program). Sure I could get in this October but I'm not about to get into almost 100k debt!!!

    Let me know if you decide to test again in Sept. Hopefully we will be in the next class!!!
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    HI SLC! Sorry that you're in the same boat as me. What a crappy boat to be in! Haha. I definitely feel your frustration. Applying to the junior colleges and waiting have been awful, that's why I was really hoping to get in here! I also applied to Samuel Merritt, so we'll see what happens. I will be retesting on Sept 11th for the March class. Is that the day you will be testing? I really feel like the HESI study guide didn't help me WHATSOEVER! I got 100% in math, and did really well in grammar as well, but my vocabulary and reading comprehension brought me down a lot. I'm not really sure how I can study for those two things either!

    I'm glad you decided not to go with Carington. In my opinion, it is way too much money to be spending at a school where you aren't even going to get a bachelors degree. At least at ITT Tech, it's only around 30k for those of us who have all of the other pre-reqs completed. Good luck to you, and let's keep each other updated!
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    congratulations mluisausi! you will have to keep us updated as you are now ahead in the program

    i have all my prerequisites done but my anatomy was just outside of the time frame so unfortunately i have to take a&p again! i'm bummed that it is a combined class because my physiology is more recent and would have been accepted. i have been chasing my prerequisites for so long trying to get into school so i am just excited to be accepted to a program. i have taken many anatomy and physiology type classes for my bachelor's degree so i'm not too worried about taking it again...i just wish i could save that money!!

    marykdarling, i know its frustrating but i had put my goal of nursing school on hiatus for awhile because i felt like i was just chasing my tail with prerequisites (that and i started a family and have been raising my 2 young girls for the past few years). i found out about this program and all of a sudden i was back in the game! i would say don't give up! try to improve your score for the march class. keep sending emails to check and see where you are at. you are so close!!

    good luck to you both!
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    Marykdarling, did you sign up for Sept 11 test date already? When I called ITT two weeks ago, I was told to call back closer to Sept to get new HESI test dates. I'll call Monday! I also did very well in Math, Grammar, and reading comp BUT the vocab is what brought my score way down. I was very surprised!!! The study guide helped somewhat.

    As far as Samuel Merritt, I thought they only offered a Bachelor of Science Nursing degree. Have they added an ADN program? If so, I'd love to check it out. Please let me know! Have a great weekend!

    BTW, I had to change my previous username "NurseSLC" since I'm not a Nurse yet and can't use the title.
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    Hi FutureRN! To answer your questions, yes. I did sign up for the Sept. 11th test date already. I signed up for the date a few weeks ago, so I'm not exactly sure who you talked to, but I would definitely recommend calling in on Monday so you are able to get in! Sounds like we had the same problem on the HESI, which is interesting because I am generally pretty strong in English!

    As for Samuel Merritt goes, you are also correct. The Sacramento campus ONLY offers an ABSN (Accelerated Bachelors in Nursing) and to be eligible for that program, you need an undergraduate degree, as well as all of your normal nursing preqs & path and pharm. This is because the program is so fast paced, they do not have time to cover those classes. With that being said, the Oakland Campus offers a traditional, 2 year bachelor program. For that program, you do not need an undergraduate degree, but DO need all of your nursing pre-reqs done, as well as many other classes. You can find all of the pre-reqs on their website. I hope that answers your question! Let me know if I can help in any other way...

    Also, that's interesting that allnurses made you change your username! I didn't know they were so particular about that kind of thing!
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    Thanks for the feedback Marykdarling. I'm surprised with who I talked to at ITT as that person is the "go to" person for the Nursing program. Hmmm! I'm going to check out Samuel Merritt's website. Thanks again for the info.
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    Hmmm.. Interesting. Well, let me know what they say on Monday when you call! Good luck!
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    Hi All! I just learned of the Itt Tech nursing program and am attending their seminar in a few weeks, I feel good about the program through internet research but I am just nervous about the HESI because it sounds like some of you scored pretty high but still didn't make it. How many people would you say are taking the test and what sort of things should I work on studying? I plan on buying the study guide but I am still a ball of nerves! I hope you are all doing well.

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