Interview with the County of Los Angeles Department of Health Services

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    I was wondering if anyone here has ever interviewed for RN positions at LA county hospitals (i.e. Olive-View, Harbor-UCLA, LAC+USC, Rancho Los Amigos). I'm not sure what to expect, and I would really appreciate a little guidance. Is it just an oral interview, or is there a written exam involved? What should I bring to the interview? Also, what should I do to prepare?

    Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

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    I would probably bring a copy of your resume. I had an interview a few months ago and it was the best interview I've ever had. The interviewer was very nice, down to earth, and not intimidating. They ask everyone the same questions. I think it took 30-40 minutes. To review, I would think of different clinical or work situations you have been in and how you handled them. The questions were mostly like "Tell me about a time when..." or "What would you do if..." Typical stuff, nothing out of the box but having examples already in your mind definitely helps.
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    I agree with what the other person posted. I interviewed a few months ago too. The interviewer was very nice with me during my oral interview.I was nervous and she made me feel very comfortable. Good luck.
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    Thanks for all the input! I will definitely use this advice for my interview next week.
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    Hi Sashimi! I had my Civil Service Interview at LAC+USC for the Relief Nurse position this past Wed & RNewbie has given you great advice. In addition I brought a cover letter.

    @RNewbie & PowerSurge: Have you received a "Pass/Fail" letter in the mail yet? If so, how long did it take?
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    My interview was in Dec and I have not received anything. I also did not call to follow up on why (I'm actually happy with my current work situation). I know I should have received something by now tho.
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    RNewbie: Wow you interviewed back in Dec & still no results? That is quite a long while. Anyhow I am glad to hear that you are happy at your current job! Congrats & best wishes to you!
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    I think I saw somewhere in another thread that some ppl did not hear anything for a while, they called and were told that they had to resubmit another application for some reason. They did not have to interview again tho.
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    Thanks again to all who responded. Yay for nurses helping other nurses!
    Interviews are definitely a daunting process, especially if they are with the County! And of course, I think there are tons of things I could have improved, but nursing is a constant learning process
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    I received a letter telling me to reapply because some requirements changed. I have not received a letter telling me if I passed my interview, but I did call and they told me I passed and to be patient. There are still a ton of app's that they r going through. With county its a very slow process. Hang in there everyone

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