Interamerican College now United States University

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    Anyone applying to this program?

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    I am, for the spring 2011 start. How about you??
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    COOL! Finally someone who is!! How did you decide on this program? I am considering starting in September or January. I've been a little weird about it just becuase no one seems to have heard of it or have any information about the school.
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    How funny, I felt the same way! I was (and still am) a little nervous about it too for the same reason... no one seems to know anything about it! I found out about the program when I was researching Entry Level Masters programs (I eventually want to be a FNP). I contacted the school, but I was a little put off when I found out that their ELM program isn't a masters program (only if you continue on into their masters program, which is a separate program from the ELM). But learning more about it, there are a lot of things I like about the school, such as the evening classes and the evening/weekend clinicals. I'm a stay at home mom with two small babies, so I wanted to try to stay with them as much as possible during the weekdays.

    I'm finishing up all of my pre-reqs this summer, and then I'm enrolled to take their Chicano Studies class in Sept. And then I'll be ready to start in January. I'm going to apply to a couple of junior colleges as well just to have some options.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on it! Are you done with pre-reqs? Have you gone down to visit the school?
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    UGH its not accepting my really long reply/post!
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    If you want, you can email me at
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    Yay, finally...some people who have heard of this program too! Any others? I've already put in my deposit for CSUSM for the fall but would like to know more about this program too.
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    I'm applying to the September cohort and if i dont get in..hopefull the January one! I'm taking chicano studies and ethics starting today so ill be done by july 22... anyone have anymore info on the criteria or anything??!
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    so is anyone applying to there September start date? I currently am...but I don't know if I should cause I haven't found much information about the school! I live in Northern California so I'm not sure if it's worth the move...

    I would like to hear if there is any previous students that went to this school if possible!

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    I am applying for January! I'd love to start right away but I have to finish my pre reqs

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