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So I just so happen to call AVC and they tell me "your number 37, and starting in spring!" OMG! So instead of fall 2013....I'm going to start Spring 2013!! I'm so excited!! Anyone else starting spring 2013?! I've been on the... Read More

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    Congratulations! Did they call you to tell you that you got in? and how many spaces do you think they are filling in?

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    I'm not sure how it worked with keekeenursie, but I called the nursing office personally and asked them myself. I called every other day- I'm sure they were annoyed, lol. Finally, this past Wednesday, I called and they said that I got in and that they were mailing out entry packets that day. We should be getting them soon. What number were you when you last called? How long ago was it? I applied in Dec. 2012 and I was # 208 back then, now I'm at 60 only two semesters later. A lot of students wind-up dropping or deferring.
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    oh- 40 or 60 students are admitted every semester, depending on their budget. This coming spring- it's 60.
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    Haha I hate calling them because they sound so annoyed about it! I took the TEAS recently but haven't gotten anything in the mail so I don't think I made the cut . I tried calling their office but they won't be open until sunday.
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    Hey guys! I got a packet in the mail! I'm in as well! Happy and afraid at the same time! Let the good times begin!
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    I'm still waiting for my packet. I live in Sherman Oaks, so it should arrive tomorrow. What did it say?
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    I was accepted for spring 2013 too! Congrats to everyone else who is starting in Spring, see you there!!
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    It gives you all the information, you have to get a background check, physical, immunizations, uniform, books, etc. Due date for background check/physical. Date of orientation. Congrats!
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    Congratulations! It's exciting, isn't it?!?! I'll be looking out for my packet today.
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    I also got accepted into the nursing program for Spring 2012..... I'm so excited and nervous at the same time.

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