I am so confused. Which school is accredited?

  1. Hi everyone :-) I'm new here....

    After soul searching for quite some time I've decided on nursing as my chosen profession. Now why can't I find the right school? I'm getting really discouraged. I know that ultimately I want to earn a BSN. I've been told many different things: "Get your LPN first", "Make sure the school is regionally accredited", "A BSN is better than an RN"...the list goes on and on.*

    These things are for certain:
    1. I don't want to wait in line to get into a program and money is not an issue for me (no loans).I've been looking into private/for-profit schools. I went to American Career College a few days ago and they are not regionally accredited. When I spoke with them on the phone before my appointment I asked them about accreditation. I said I was looking for a regional acc. school because I wanted to do an lvn to bsn afterwards. She said national, then said "hold on, let me check". I heard her asking someone what their accreditation was! Um, okay. She came back on and said Regional to get me to come in, probably? Anyway, it put a bad taste in my mouth. At my appointment I was told West Coast University is their "sister" school, yet when I asked if any of their graduates went there to get their BSN she said she didn't know. That makes absolutely no sense. She said they're working on a bridge program but don't have one yet. ACC is $34,110 for the LPN program-54 wks (little over a year).

    2. Looked into Concord. Also has national accreditation, not regional. I can't seem to find any other no-wait schools where I can earn an LPN/LVN and still be able to transfer those credits to another school where I can earn a BSN.
    3. I really want to start school ASAP
    4. I live in Temecula, am willing to move within the Inland Empire or back to O.C.. I'd even move to Los Angeles, although the cost of living is high/don't like it much.*

    These are my questions:
    1. What is the best route, LVN to BSN? Straight BSN? LVN to RN to BSN? If I did a straight BSN would I be able to get an LVN somewhere in between&work as a voc. nurse while I'm still in school getting the BSN?*
    2. *What is the difference between earning an RN in 2-ish years as opposed to an RN with a bachelor? Do they equate to the same thing? The only reason I'd go for a BSN is to obtain more knowledge/more responsibility/better pay & the opportunity to further my education (if I decide on surgical nursing). If they're virtually the same I'd rather get the RN because it's half the time.
    3. IF I should secure an LVN first, what are my options in private/for-profit schools (in so.cal)? Are any of them regionally accredited?*
    4. Do a lot of people go for the 2-ish year RN and then to BSN? If that's the best route for a first timer, which school? Again, I want to start asap, no wait-listing.*
    5. CCNE and NLNAC. Does the school I choose need both in order to meet the requirements for transferring credits?*

    I really want to find a school right away and I keep running into dead ends. Does anyone here have any answers or suggestions? Words of wisdom? At the age of 33, I'm starting over in my life and I just don't need to waste time in the wrong program. I am fortunate enough to have a family member help me financially, but afraid if I don't figure something out soon he will not take me seriously. If anyone has some input I'd appreciate it immensely!!!!
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    Sorry to hog up space w/my thread-moderator, you may remove! I found another forum and got all the answers I needed :-)
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    pippa help! Where did u go? You asked everything I need to know!! I am 50 however and have to make a decision within a couple of days. What other forum? I'm new at this and afraid I'll lose you, please someone respond. I'm looking at 4 d college because though I am working on pereq.s at present...don't have 3 more years without a job. Unemployment running out and can't find work in past field.(CA. BUDGET CUTS) If nothing else...what is the general attitude about a 50 year old cna/hha student working her way through RN pereq.s this way? That is my only other option if I don't go to a LVN program? Can I even survive on that pay? Is it true it is only 10-12.00 hour if that?!Will I be made fun of by the HIGH SCHOOL GRADS IN THE CLASS?!!!I need help.