How many of you applied to Stan States ASBSN program starting November 2012?

  1. Hi guys, I was just wondering how many of you out there applied to Stan States ASBSN program starting November 2012! I am soo anxious to hear back!
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  3. by   FunnyPants
    I talked to the administrator/assistant to the director and as of 9/14 there were 45 applications!
  4. by   ALXiong
    What is the official deadline for application? I saw one website stating Sep 21st and other page where to download the application is Sep 14th. I am just confused. If it is Sep 14th, that means 2/3 of applicants can have admission into their program as long as all applicants meet the requirements.
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  5. by   Shar1star
    It is the 21st. I spoke with the Director and she said they had to extend the deadline.
  6. by   brb46
    Quote from vvanstey
    Hi guys, I was just wondering how many of you out there applied to Stan States ASBSN program starting November 2012! I am soo anxious to hear back!
    Hi!! I just spoke to the advisor today 9/21 and she said there were about 60 applications!! So I guess we have a 50/50 chance... I am panicking!!!! Did anyone happen to hear how long they're expecting decisions to take? Or any more info about criteria because I think they said their points system won't be the same as the regular Bsn program. But they seem to keep changing things so who knows!
  7. by   Pri25
    When i spoke to the advisor she said that applicants will be notified within two weeks.
  8. by   brb46
    Do you think by email or mail? Maybe I can stop compulsively checking one of the two haha! How do you guys feel about it?? Is anyone as nervous as me?! Lol. My gpa is not very good but my Teas is good. But I don't know how those are weighted. We are halfway through the wait period!!
  9. by   Pri25
    I remember sending a self addressed stamped envelope along with the I think we'll be notified by mail. I also check both constantly! I'm not sure how they weigh gpa and Teas scores. Is anyone applying to other programs?
  10. by   brb46
    Yeah that's what I was thinking. I only applied to this program! Because I don't have lifespan psych yet (which she said was fine.. But I wonder if it will matter if most other applicants have taken it already). If I don't get in I will probably take that, redo my speech class that I got a c in and maybe nutrition. And then apply again as well as to Sac and maybe even look for similar programs in SoCal?
  11. by   Pri25
    Sounds like a good plan. I'm sure you'll be fine without the lifespan course. The wait is killing me. Nothing in the mail today. I applied to the traditional bsn program for spring just in case. But I hope I get into this one.
  12. by   brb46
    Good luck to you!!! At least we can take a weekend off from checking the mail and then only one week before we know! Fingers crossed!!!
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  13. by   vvanstey
    I was told Oct 12. Checks were deposited today. That's good news, we're getting somewhere!!!
  14. by   FunnyPants
    OMG..So nervous!!!