Hopeful SSU nursing student for Fall 2014

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    I handed in my application for SSU Nursing the other day... Now I'm dying of anticipation! Any other hopeful nursing students for Fall 2014 out there? What were your grades and scores like? What schools did you apply to?

    I also applied to SRJC, COM, and CSUEB

    Hopefully we will be classmates!

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    Hi I also applied to SSU for fall. I applied yo SRJC, Sac state, Chico, CSUEB, and Mendocino college. My points are pretty good, I think. It's hard to tell with points from the essays, which I have no clue how to estimate how many points I will get from that portion. Best of luck!
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    It's hard to tell how many points I'll get with the essays as well. So far without the essays I have 79.5 out of 80 points. Hopefully my essays are what they're looking for!

    What's your #1 choice school? SSU is my first choice since I live only about 10 minutes away. Then SRJC is my second choice because that's where I've taken all my prereqs. I was looking into Chico and Mendocino but didn't apply because they're so far away and I'm not in a position in which I can relocate.

    Good luck!
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    I think I am at 70 points without the essays. My top choices are Chico or Sac and then Sonoma. I also took all my pre reqs at SRJC. I will be moving no matter where I get in. I live in Sonoma so I don't want to have to commute to SSU if I get in to the nursing program. My standing for sac isn't great compared to others because they heavily weigh the TEAS so even though I got an 87 over all I only get half the amount of points possible in that category for them. I am thinking my choices will hopefully end up being between Chico and Sonoma. Best of luck! Your points are great without the essays.
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    That's a shame that an 87 only gets half the amount of points for Sac. Wouldn't it be more fair to do a sliding scale? I don't think too many people score higher than that, so I think your chances are still high!

    When do Chico and Sac send out their notifications? April seems like a century away waiting to hear back from SSU... But I hear some schools like SRJC don't send out notifications until June!
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    It is such a bummer and I felt I did well enough and didn't want to go through stress and more money to try and take it again to do better. Hopefully, thank you for the words of encouragement! Chico is April too, I think really close to around when SSU sends them. And Sac is between late April and early May. I know exactly how you feel about the waiting part. It's difficult for me to stay focused on the classes when I just want to find out. SRJC is one of the really late ones. East Bay is pretty late to, I think they are end of May. It's nice to know I am not alone in the anxious waiting for decisions.
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    I know what you mean!! I'm losing sleep over it. It's extremely hard to be patient waiting on what you're going to be doing, and in your case, where you're going to be living for the next few years. But I'm confident you'll get in to one of those schools. Good luck!
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    It is so hard to be patient on a yes or no decision that decides the future for us. Thank you, and I am sure you will get in to SSU. I think it all works out in the end from my friends experiences. I have a friend who applied to SRJC, mendo and city college of sf. She got into mendo and city college but couldn't move because she has 3 kids. She re thought how much more time driving took out of studying and family time. She called both schools and gave up her spot and the next day SRJC called and said a spot had opened up for her. So I hope that for all of us, we are able to have this happen in our own ways. Best of luck to you! Countdown until April
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    They are notifying. I am on alternate list
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    I just got my acceptance letter by email! I'm debating on which program to go to now, Sac, Sonoma or Chico...

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