Hiring process at Napa State Hospital(NSH)

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    Can anyone tell me if the California budget crisis(which happens every year) will affect planned new hires for California state facilities? I assume that there is still a hiring freeze but that we are replacing nurses that have been lost to retirement, etc. I guess I could just call the recruiter and ask....I was told I was a top candidate for a small number of positions at NSH for this fall's hiring and wondering if I should be celebrating or not.

    Also, what is the actual hiring process, physical and orientation entail?
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    Well, I am answering myself here (I was hired!) so if anyone ever needs to know the process just msg me...I can tell you most of my experience except for interview questions/answers because this is against policy.
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    Hi cincin1,
    i have a question for you. i received a letter for interview in Coalinga State Hospital. I really want to know about the setting and role of nurses in the state hospital, and i appreciate if you can share some of your experiences with me. i am a new grad, and open to any job. i just need more advise, i also had an offer for SNF. also my email address is samirakhalkhali.RN@gmail.com u can send me email too.
    I appreciate any help.
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    Hey cincin1, I actually have an oral interview exam scheduled pretty soon and I am pretty nervous on how to prepare for it. Any pointers on ideas and nursing concepts I should be studying? Also, you can reach me @ speedytopspin@yahoo.com. Thanks!
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    hi cincin1,
    i am a new-grad. today, a state hospital recruiter called me asking some information, she said they will start the process very soon. i really need some advises to prepare for this process. i appreciate if you can share some experiences here. my email address is dangman00@hotmail.com. how is your job at nsh? thank you so much and happy holidays!
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    cincin1, got a question for you! I did my QAP at Napa State and scored pretty high so I then applied to DMH at CMF. I did a hiring interview back at the end of December but I got a letter in the mail today stating they will mail me another letter with a time and date for a second hiring interview. Someone told me that the second interview is a selection interview? What was your hiring process at NSH? I am curious if this second interview is an actual hiring interview instead of like the hiring interview which I was shocked to find out it was like another QAP haha. What was your timeline from the time you applied to the time you got hired. You can also e-mail me mellychicabee@yahoo.com.
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    I am so sorry I neglected all your messages. I have been quite busy and never get on allnurses. The interview process at NSH is very simple; and questions related to how you would respond to people with mental health problems. They are very common situations, so if you brush up in any mental health text you will be set. Also, know some side effects of very common psych meds. Also, paperwork, assessment and common sense. You all should do fine. FYI, NS was too much for me. I quit after orientation. Good luck and know what you are in for!
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    I was wondering how the interview went at Vacaville? Did you get hired? If so are you liking it?
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    Thanks cincin1 for your response! Could you please share a little more about factors contributed to your decision of quitting. I really appreciate for any input.
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    When I started there was a killing on the grounds. I talked to many ppl who said that assualt was inevitable, that most staff members had been hit or threatened. The personal alarm system did not work in many areas of the grounds, in fact, anywhere outside a unit; and one staff would be assigned to escort 8 patients at a time. Patients were walking around for hours a day outside units, unsupervised. Shanks were found all the time on grounds. Many patients could refuse meds, and this made them more dangerous. I don't feel bad saying these things because it is all true, and the news media is finally covering what happens here. From what I understand there are some changes being made, but I still would not go back. I would rather work in a prison where there is more of an officer presence. Why did I begin working here at all? Because I was desperate; but I guess I am not THAT desperate!
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