Hiring process at Napa State Hospital(NSH) - page 4

Can anyone tell me if the California budget crisis(which happens every year) will affect planned new hires for California state facilities? I assume that there is still a hiring freeze but that we... Read More

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    Hello redmistyRN,

    I need help!!! I have received my ranking score, what does this mean? There is a list with scores of 102 applicants broken broken down into % and divided into 1-9 ranking scores. Out of these 104 applicants what is your guess on who will be selected. I would love to hear from you! Thank you for your time and help
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    Hi there, Did you find anything out in regards to your ranking score? Did you get in? I'm finally starting ASH on Monday after a long 6 month process. I'm looking forward to the change.
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    I am sad to say I did not score high enough on the 2nd interview due to our competitive nurses with experience. I passed the first one tho, so I guess I can apply at other facilities right?
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    Hello Cincin1.
    I knew you have work at Napa State Hospital before. I have an interview with them coming up in December 11, 2013. I would like to ask you a few questions if you have time, please email me at darhuynh@yahoo.com. I would like to know how the interview go? I will have the QAP first and then they said if everything going will they will set up another interview for me the following week. Please help me with what material I should know. Your help will be very appreciated.

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