Help please! Looking for LVN vocational programs in LA or OC area

  1. Hi all. This is my very first post---yay!

    Im a 27 y/o mother of two. I have been a stay at home mom and homemaker for the past 5 years. I have contemplated getting into nursing since my late teens-early 20s before I had children. Ive taken medical assisting and phlebotomy courses while doing my pre-reqs at CC. I can no longer wait on the list at CC since time is a huge issue with me. And I know that vocational school tuition prices are RIDICULOUS!, but that is the only option Im considering.

    Im looking to attend a vocational program that has a weekend program part-time (since its very hard for me to afford/find a sitter during the weekdays and my oldest will be beginning pre-school) The only two choices that I have are Casa Loma College (Hawthorne) and Concorde Career College (Garden Grove). IF anyone has attended the LVN programs there please give me any informative feedback please (i.e. anything regarding the instructors, curriculum, classes, clinical sites, etc.) And please do share any personal experiences/opinions.

    ANd if there are any other schools that Im missing that offer a weekend program please let me know because I might have overlooked it. I currently live in Long Beach and I dont want to drive no more than 30 to 45 mins to get to school (with or without traffic *hopefully*).

    Thank you for reading the post---have a blessed day!

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  3. by   squirrel12
    Don't do it. There is very little work out there for a LVN without experience. I paid the money for a vocational school for a year long program, and no job. Medicare will not reimburse for a a lvn without a year experience. I am now set to start a 2 year ADN RN in fall. I already have a bachelors degree. I graduated lvn school 9/10, licensed 3/11, caregiver as of 11/11, accepted rn program 5/12. I live in North OC and went to Pacific College, and will be attending Saddleback in the fall.

    Good luck!

  4. by   futurenurse310
    Same story here. I graduated 12/2010. Licensed 5/11 and will be starting an RN program this fall like squirrel. Also work as a caregiver too and applying to every single job listing, hospital, etc in Orange County to Los Angeles. Have not been able to receive an LVN job for a year already. Unless you already have definite connections, then you're in luck. But if not, no bueno. And if you are already dead set on starting an lvn program, then you'll see what I mean. Good luck