help...CSULB undeclared/Pre-nursing major thinking about going to LVN

  1. Hi, I have been attending CSULB for 2.5 years. To be honest, I have never been sure what I wanted to do, but if I just had to decide right away nursing would have always been my first choice. Since I never was 100% sure, my major was undeclared. For these 2.5 years I have been mainly working, taking my GE courses, and a few pre-nursing pre req's. I am almost done with my GE. My grades are not the best, but not very bad either. I have finally decided and currently changing my major to pre-nursing, but along the way I was talking to a advisor and it seems that my chances to get into their BSN Pre-nursing program is very slim.
    Very depressing news, so I am thinking about going to take another route to start off as an LVN then get into a LVN - RN program. I have been saving up money and am thinking about private colleges.

    I was thinking LVN at Stanbridge College in Irvine, CA and then possibly the LVN - RN program at Azusa Pacific University not sure yet.

    I really just need to get everything together right now. It is greatly appreciated for your kind input and help.

    Thank You!
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    Highly don't recommend paying to go to a private LVN school (unless you have a lot of money and can then pay for a private LVN-RN program as well because community colleges and universities require a highly competitive GPA for their LVN-RN programs, too). I went to Stanbridge, wasted time and money, and have still not been able to find a job as an LVN in OC (I graduated valedictorian, too). And even though I have a 4.0 in all my nursing pre-reqs and GE's, I can't even apply to any LVN-RN transition programs because I don't have a year of LVN work experience. I now have to apply to CSULB's basic BSN program (which is amazing anyways) but all that time and MONEY that was spent on LVN school was just such a waste!! I wish I would have never done that But if you have the money to drop on private schools, it's totally the way to go! I have classmates who went to Stanbridge and immediately enrolled in almost $100,000 private schools and acquired their RN license very quickly (and their grades SUCKED by the way!).
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    Oh woops haha I just realized this was posted all the way back in 2007!