Having a hard time finding a clinical in the Bay Area

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    Any suggestions on how to go about applying for a Family Nurse Practitioner clinical in the Bay Area of California

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    I'd say reach out to your school they should have a list of clinical sites, that they've negotiated with aned are willing to work with their students. any other place may be wary of accepting clinical students as there is liability involved, insurance coverage etc. and why would a person who doesnt' know you be willing to supervise, teach on top of doing their own work without compensation. SO yea work with your school contact your professors

    Otherwise if you just need to find a place to observe shadow then reach out to all the urgent care centers, hospitals, doc's office, practioner offices, schools etc. send letter, and follown up with phone call or inperson.
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    Moving to the California Nursing Forum to help you find a more targeted response. Best of luck!

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