Glendale CC-Spring 2013

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    Anyone applied or didn't get picked last semester and Kept application for upcoming semester waiting to receive a letter or notification of acceptance? Not sure when they are sent out but I assume soon.
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    Yes Ive applied, now just waiting on a response. They said they would send them out sometime in December.
    what are your stats btw?
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    Hi applied and waiting. I got worried because it was cutting it close but I called gcc and the lady there said notices would be sent out the first week of good luck all of you..
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    My stats? I applied last round so hopefully I receive something in the mail or e-mail. I'm going to Santa Monica College nursing orientation on Friday but I'm an alternate and hopefully i'll get it there. If not then Glendale is my other choice. Good luck!
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    FYI to all those waiting....I received my acceptance letter for the standard program today, so you should be getting yours soon. FINALLY! I've been applying for 4 years (to other programs, this was my first attempt for GCC). Good luck to everyone!
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    Guys, I also just got the letter today too. Rnr13, congrats, Monday or Tuesday orientation??GL to the rest of you all
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    Thanks. Same to you, Luckycharms. Tuesday orientation.
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    I received an acceptance to the night/weekend program but will be giving it up. If there were any alternates out there, one of you may be getting my spot!