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  1. I'm a new grad, all clinical experience, I live in So Cali. I work extended care 3days 12hours, 1 pt SCI 24/7 vent. I do meds, wound care/treatments, ADLs, cook and laundry. In Cali do I get overtime if I go over 40hrs in a week? Or is extended care exempt? I'm not 1099 so they remove taxes ect, but I get no vacation or sick days. I work for an agency. I've tried looking but it's too confusing.
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  3. by   nurseguy213
    Forgot to add I'm paid $18hr
  4. by   Meriwhen
    I get OT if I a. go over 8 hours a day or b. go over 36 hours a week. I work for a unionized hospital, so your facility/agency's policy may vary from mine.

    Generally, if you have an hourly salary, you would not be exempt from you should be getting it if you are going over 40 hours a week.

    I agree--the CA government websites are confusing. So have you dropped the CA Division of Labor Standards Enforcement an e-mail to ask? I would. They would give you the most accurate answer.
  5. by   txnurse4thewin
    I've worked for an agency before and OT is given only after 40 hours a week. I've worked 60-hour weeks so... No fun. And at $10 an hour if I'm lucky! Ha ha.
    Hopefully that helps some.
  6. by   vintagemother
    I'm a CNA in California and I'd be interested in finding out what the dept of labor says about this. I work at a hospital for an agency and I get OT if I work over 8 hrs in a day. But, I know people who work at the same hospital for different agencies and they have told me they work 60 hours per week sometimes, but don't get overtime. I figured my agency is paying me OT because of their own policies, not the law.