Fall 2011 Victor Valley College RN program Applicants

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    I am applying to VVCs fall 2011 RN program in March and I was wondering if anyone else was in the same situation as I am? I have heard that there is a definite waitlist of a year and I have also heard that it's a lottery pool?! Can anyone tell me how the applicants are chosen and if anyone has gotten admitted before a year of waiting?

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    You're not applying anywhere else?
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    I am. I also applied to RCC last month but VVC is also one of my top choices and I would hate to be on a waitlist forever! Once I complete my RN license, I am going to apply to LLU for my BS (to save $) and I heard LLU isn't as hard as many others...it's just a lot more expensive!
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    You should apply at Chaffey College too in Rancho Cucamonga, it is a random lottery and you might get in on the first try! As far as VVC i'm not sure about the waitlist, have you spoken to a counselor?
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    I'm applying this month too. I went to the informational meeting last month. A new director took over the nursing program @ VVC last year and got rid of the fall application in the fall of 2010 to try and reduce the wait time. From what they said in the meeting, it worked. This year there will be two application times again, one in the spring and one in the fall. However there is literally no wait time right now. In fact they're going to be selecting anywhere from 5-15 people from this spring application to start in the fall because they have a grant for the fall class and don't have enough students to fill it yet. The students will be selected by random draw, alternates will be chosen for back ups for the fall, and the students that don't get in will definitely be in by Spring of next year from what they were saying in the meeting. Pretty much made my year. Hope this helps .
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    I got my letter and my official start date is feb 2012 but am an alternate for august have any of you heard from the school yet?
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    Did they tell you what number you are on the alternate list?
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    seventh how about you
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    2. were you in the orientation meeting today?
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    Yeah I was there I was the guy with the ridiculous sun burn I dont know when im gonna learn my lesson. Anyways I left not feeling good about getting in with the amount of people there but im just gonna take 246 and hope for the best

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