Fall 2011 Victor Valley College RN program Applicants - page 2

I am applying to VVCs fall 2011 RN program in March and I was wondering if anyone else was in the same situation as I am? I have heard that there is a definite waitlist of a year and I have also... Read More

  1. by   Realhyper
    I received the call today that I have been accepted into the fall program. If I was #2 and it's taken, then you are now #5. I heard 3 others are going elsewhere, 1 can't accept because of personal, etc. So there is still hope for you. Good luck.
  2. by   BurlHarley
    thanks for letting me know i am sure keeping my fingers crossed btw i made some flashcards for wed and they are on flashcardmachine.com my user name is dmorris dont know if they will help but they are all yours if you want them
  3. by   Realhyper
    Thanks. I didn't know you were in the Pharmacology class too. If you know who I am, be sure to introduce yourself on Wed. Thanks. Mitch
  4. by   Realhyper
    Oh, and I like your name. I have two of them (Harley) hehehe
  5. by   Myers728
    HI, I applied in Spring 11 and was accepted two months later. This summer I took Pharmacology and in the fall will take Nurs 246. I start NP 1 in spring 2012.
  6. by   BurlHarley
    well good luck on that test on wed at least it sounds allot easier than that accumulative final was gonna be 246 is fun and fairly easy
  7. by   Myers728
    thank you, u too. Didn't know any others new about this site. Nice helpful info they have. Good luck in your final for 246. See you Mon.
  8. by   Realhyper
    I was hoping after next week we would have a couple of weeks off to vacation, but I guess not. We have to go in the following tuesday (16th) for a critical thinking test and then the next tuesday (23rd) for an orientation lunch. Oh well, it's worth it. I have a feeling your gonna get the call Harley. Good luck and See ya monday for practice @ 10 am.