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Hello everyone , I start this threat for EVC program Fall 2012, anyone going to apply? please do join and share info, btw any guy apply ? good luck to all :)... Read More

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    Thank you Mila, csulb cost me a lot of money since I had to flight all the way to them to have interview . But I will apply again for Fall12. Ur volunteer is impressive. I volunteer at hospital as patient greeter, and community service. For sure ur volunteer will give you an out standing status . Hey do you know how to input grade for silence courses since at community college, we song have lab grade, I m kind of struggle for this. Thank for ur help

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    Oh do you guys think if we send Teas V result to evc in advance, does it improve our chance of selection ?
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    Hey Ting,
    I don't think it will help now, but I'm sure you could've send the Teas scores with your application. Now, I don't know how to enter the silence lab course, but I think we can use the same grade we've go in the course for lab section. At least that is what I am planning on doing...
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    i applied, waiting to hear back...
    anyone here get in yet?
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    I doubt, we hear from them until the next year. I am expecting to hear from them in January...
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    They said everyone would get a response by the end of he year. Last year they responded in Jan but I think something happened to cause that delay
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    Ohh, I see... Maybe soon we'll hear something. Hopefully good news
    Did you apply anywhere else besides Evergreen?
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    I'm on the wait list at Cabrillo, but that's it.
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    How long does it take to get into the Gabrillo program? I heard the waiting list is very long, like 500 people or so
    I am on De Anza waiting list, so if nothing else works I might just go there.
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    I think the list is closer to 800 now, it's crazy. I've been in it a few years now, will probably be 4-5 years on the list if I end up there.

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