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Hello all, I know there are already a couple of posts for this school, but reading through the threads I didn't get all the information that I was looking for and considering that they are pretty old threads I made a new one... Read More

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    Kenichi do you like WCU? im getting really tired of playing games with Everest. All these people got a test date and then half of them dont show up while im sitting here waiting for a test date STILL. im am very dissapointed with Everests lack of organization

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    You can purchase the HESI exam practice test booklet at Barnes n Noble!!
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    Well punch me in the face for making assumptions. I was scheduled for the 8th and decided not to take the exam because I had no preparation. It was only the Chemistry, Bio & A&P that I was worried about (currently taking both chem and A&P this semester). Had I knew that you only needed to pass the English and Math, I would've gone. I'm really beating myself up after this.. last test exams, you were disqualified if you didn't pass any of the test sections and I assumed the same for this one. Guess not.
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    dude that sucks man!!
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    I PASSED!!! I took my test my morning at Everest.
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    tell me all about the test!!!! mine is next week.
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    heyy what score do you need to get to pass???
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    this entire time i've forgotten to ask.....is it a multiple choice type of exam??
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    Hey you guys I just took my test today and I PASSED!!! WOOOOO. I even passed the anatomy and physiology part and wont have to take them if I get into their program. hells yes!!! anybody else take their exam today???
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    Does anybody have a date for their interview yet?? My test was nearly 3 weeks ago and they said they'd be calling to give out dates around now and wondered if anybody heard back yet?

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