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Hello all, I know there are already a couple of posts for this school, but reading through the threads I didn't get all the information that I was looking for and considering that they are pretty old threads I made a new one... Read More

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    How was the anatomy and physiology part of the test??!!!

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    Hey Jmira! congrats...ill be taking the hesi at everest on monday, and i am so relieved we only need to worry about math and english! speaking of, what did you come across in the math section? thanks so much!!
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    good luck dexandmon!!! ill be taking mine on monday...please give us advice when finished! hope u do well
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    hi Jmira, congrats. thank you for the info, it makes a huge difference to know what we MUST pass. ive been stuying like crazy on ALL subjects, thinking my head is going to burst,lol. now i feel a bit calm n know where to focus on more. once again, congrats and i hope that we can become class mates!! take care.
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    Mizzhernandez...when are u taking yours?? ohhh and what study guides are u using? im soooo nervous!
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    Hi everyone, just took my test for everest yesterday. After 3 hours I wsa tired. Did very well though. As far as math study ratio's and porportions. There were sooooooooo many questions on those subjects. You get to use a caculator (crazy but nice) so the math is not very hard at all. Good luck to everyone.

    What's nice about the format of the test is that you get to see your score for each sub section the moment you finish the last question for the section. So before the test is over you know if you are doing well.

    Takek a deep breathe and don't forget to eat before you go.
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    wow! congrats dexandmon thanks for the feedback...oh and what minimum score do u think we need?? and did u schedule your interview that day? or do we have to wait for a call back?? thanks alot!
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    I am not positive but i think I heard a 70% was passing. If you went to school in the states u won't have trouble passing the math and English portion. The English portion is common sense. Good luck
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    awesome!!! thank you sooooooo much maybe we'll be classmates someday
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    Hi, were there alot of questions on the metric system and roman numerals??

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