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Hello all, I know there are already a couple of posts for this school, but reading through the threads I didn't get all the information that I was looking for and considering that they are pretty... Read More

  1. by   bribrichugchug
    Quote from jmira
    The anatomy and physiology part was fairly tough. It was both subjects combined as one. The actual questions vary for everyone but were very general random questions. I did not pass that part but it only matters if ur transferring units.

    As far as the math it was all basic algebra and easier. Know fractions, ratios and volumes such as liters and quarts and such. It was fairly simple.

    This is an entry level program so no, there are NO prereqs except a hs diploma.

    Interviews are not scheduled yet as there are over a thousand testers scheduled, even tho our testing session was half empty since people didn't bother to show up. They will call for interviews and they will be sometime in october.
    thank you so much for all of your info! i feel alot better. its a shame that so many people didnt show up when people like me still dont have a test date becuase there wernt spots. i finally get my test date tomorrow so hopefully it works for me. thanks again for your info!
  2. by   .:Jewels:.
    im taking it tomorrow morning, im wondering if there is roman numerals, medical terminology and how hard the math really is?? what formulas should i memorize? i promise i will come back on tomorrow and fill you guys in
  3. by   CPTjOYjOY
    Guys :-) I am so appreciative of all of your feedback. My exam at Everest is Friday the 17th and I've been studying like crazy. At first I was only studying Math, Reading, Grammar and vocab. But recently I got nervous and started pounding the Chemistry, A&P and bio in my head. Not really sure if those are going to be on the test or even needed. But just wanted to say thanks guys. Please continue to keep me posted on what is expected and how it was if you've taken it :-). I will be on here returning the favor! God Bless :-D
  4. by   dexandmon
    Being on this side of the test, I wish i wouldn't have spent so much time studying. all you need to pass is the math and English. Review basic fractions, porportions, ratios and you will be fine. Some roman numeral questions and conversions (gallons, pints etc.) It's a slow paced test that shows you what u are getting in each section before you move on to the next section. If i were you I wouldn't study the sciences to much, focus attention on the math review. If you don't know the science at this point a few extra days of study aren't really going to help. (wish i would have known that).And you don't need to know them, you will learn them in the program.

    Make sure you eat and leave your bags and cell phone in the car. Only allowed your ID and transcripts.

    Best of luck.
  5. by   Kenichi
    Aww, I'm so envious of you all! I really considered going to this school but I changed my mind and picked WCU instead. Anyway, congratulations to those who've already taken the HESI & good luck to those who are going to take it soon!

    Quote from tooflyboinick
    So does everest college offer all the prerequisite classes needed?
    I only have my LVN without micro,chem ect.
    Same here. I went to an LVN school but I've never taken any pre-req classes.
  6. by   bribrichugchug
    Kenichi do you like WCU? im getting really tired of playing games with Everest. All these people got a test date and then half of them dont show up while im sitting here waiting for a test date STILL. im am very dissapointed with Everests lack of organization
  7. by   jbro1024
    You can purchase the HESI exam practice test booklet at Barnes n Noble!!
  8. by   Long.
    Well punch me in the face for making assumptions. I was scheduled for the 8th and decided not to take the exam because I had no preparation. It was only the Chemistry, Bio & A&P that I was worried about (currently taking both chem and A&P this semester). Had I knew that you only needed to pass the English and Math, I would've gone. I'm really beating myself up after this.. last test exams, you were disqualified if you didn't pass any of the test sections and I assumed the same for this one. Guess not.
  9. by   emt_anderson
    dude that sucks man!!
  10. by   CPTjOYjOY
    I PASSED!!! I took my test my morning at Everest.
  11. by   emt_anderson
    tell me all about the test!!!! mine is next week.
  12. by   bribrichugchug
    heyy what score do you need to get to pass???
  13. by   emt_anderson
    this entire time i've forgotten to ask.....is it a multiple choice type of exam??