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Hello all, I know there are already a couple of posts for this school, but reading through the threads I didn't get all the information that I was looking for and considering that they are pretty old threads I made a new one... Read More

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    @ Long- Got your message, thank you for the reply.

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    Wondering what time are the Tuesday "Information Sessions" at Everest in Ontario?
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    If I am not mistaken it starts at 4 and ends at 5 on tuesdays. I'll be there tomorrow
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    hi jcabrera,

    i have my test on sep 15 at everest too. i'm really searching for study guides....
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    Hi everyone!! I was at the info session today and I set up my appointment for my test for sept 23. who else went today??? Oh god, I was sitting next to some rude obnoxious girls who kept talking and laughing loudly during the entire presentation. It took everything I had to keep quiet and not say something to them.
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    You guys let me know if you have questions about the study guide. You can email me at justinssp@ yahoo com.
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    Hey dulce!!! yeaa...i went on that website they gave us at orientation and bought the hesi flashcards. find any study guides??? and do you know if the hesi at everest includes all the sciences??
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    Well, i just the barron's study guide...but i really wanted to found out what type of questions the hesi has..
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    I've been working on my pre-reqs to get into MSMC, but Everest was one of my original first choices because its like 14miles away. However, when I first decided to go into nursing last year I never went to an Everest Info session. Seeing that you all have I have a few questions. Number 1, it seems as if Everest does info sessions twice a year, August and February, is this correct? If this is the case, I obviously waited to late to go to an info session for the 2011 Spring start, so i am willing to wait it out and go to the February info session for the Fall 2011 start(I wanna be the first to be there and take my test, etc.. You know, better my chances).

    Also, I am confused about the pre-reqs. Now that i look at the package it seems as if the "normal" pre-reqs don't apply to this school. So when i go to the info session in Feb. the only pre-reqs i will be able to transfer are: English, A&PI, and Micro. How will me not having all the pre-reqs affect my time? Or is this program designed to have you in and out in two years including the pre-reqs? If that is the case coming in with a few pre-reqs should shorten the time, right?
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    It doesn't shorten the time. If your coming in with some of the pre-reqs done then it only reduces your work load per semester. so say the first semester they give a&p1 if you have that already you will not need to take it with them so that would be one less class you'd have to take.

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