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Hello all, I know there are already a couple of posts for this school, but reading through the threads I didn't get all the information that I was looking for and considering that they are pretty... Read More

  1. by   emt_anderson
    It doesn't shorten the time. If your coming in with some of the pre-reqs done then it only reduces your work load per semester. so say the first semester they give a&p1 if you have that already you will not need to take it with them so that would be one less class you'd have to take.
  2. by   .:Jewels:.
    Hey Long!! sorry to hear youre going through the application process once again, but good luck! do you think that the hesi will be similar to the psb rn? im taking it sept 7th...oh so nervous!!
    I am in the program already. But I took the PSB test. They gave us a packet with sample questions. If you didnt get one ask maybe they can give you an idea of what to study. I got questions in math, reading, spelling, science. I studied right out of a nursing test guide. there also online sites to prepare for test.
  4. by   mizzhernandez3
    Hi everyone, im new here. Just want to wish everyone the best of luck in the exam. I will be taking the exam on the 15th of september @ 8AM. Believe me, Im nervous.
  5. by   emt_anderson
    Hey mizzhernandez3

    you need to come back after taking the test and tell us how it was.
  6. by   dexandmon
    Hi everyone ,new to the site but love all the info. I am taking the hesi a2 on friday (sept 10). Anyone out there already take it last week. Would love to know how you felt about it. I will write back after I take mine.
  7. by   mizzhernandez3
    hi emt_anderson,
    yes i will definetly come back and tell you guys how it all went. Like I said before, i am really nervous. Just studying makes me nervous, because I look at everything that I need to learn and yet I have only one week left before the test. Being a mommy of 3 babies and studying is really hard. But im crossing my fingers, this is something ive been wanting to do since I was fifteen. I wish everyone the best!!!!
  8. by   jmiraRN
    ok for all who wonder about the new hesi test,

    I took the hesi exam at everest today. I was in the absolute first testing session for the upcoming term and to work with the new test. First and foremost you can borrow the hessi a2 for free from west coast university for 2 weeks if u sign up to take ur tests there. which i did to get the book but am not going there lol.

    Everything on the test can pretty much be from what is in the hesi book. we tested in multiple areas:

    1. math
    2. reading comprehension
    3. grammar
    4. vocabulary
    5. anatomy and physiology
    6. biology
    7. chemistry

    in addition there were 2 personality/ learning style tests to take.


    The science scores only need to be of a passing score if u are planning on transferring over those particular science classes. there are no other tests to be taken after this. The hesi basically combined everything for them.

    I did pass the test with flying colors and will hopefully be starting in january 11. Good luck to all!
  9. by   dexandmon
    thank you so much jmira for posting on your experience with the test. i take my friday and hope to do as well as you. Perhaps we will see each other in class.

    congrats on passing.
  10. by   mr.hustle
    So does everest college offer all the prerequisite classes needed?
    I only have my LVN without micro,chem ect.
  11. by   bribrichugchug
    so Jmari you only have to pass the science if you want to tranfer classes?
  12. by   emt_anderson
    How was the anatomy and physiology part of the test??!!!
  13. by   .:Jewels:.
    Hey Jmira! congrats...ill be taking the hesi at everest on monday, and i am so relieved we only need to worry about math and english! speaking of, what did you come across in the math section? thanks so much!!