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Hello all, I know there are already a couple of posts for this school, but reading through the threads I didn't get all the information that I was looking for and considering that they are pretty old threads I made a new one... Read More

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    Hey everyone, im glad to hear that some of you have already been interviewed or will be soon. Im still anxiously waiting. Ive been practicing for the essay, oh im soo nervous.

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    No I haven't been scheduled to interview just yet. And I'm sooo down for study groups if and when we get in!!! woo. lol.
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    Helloooo =)

    Had my interview today--went well, I think. Precisely what Dexandmon said--lots of questions on how you'll handle outside stresses with the demands of school (they won't let you forget it's an intense program). They also asked how you'd handle the family and friends of a loved one who just suffered major physical trauma, how you do around the sight of blood, and your typical interview questions (strengths, weaknesses, etc)....really all stuff you can handle on the spot. My essay topic was, yes, why I wanted to be an RN. She gave me 20 mins and a minimum of 150 words. They were both very kind.

    Good luck to everyone! I live right up the street from the school--I see a lot of study groups at my place in our future!

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    Quote from dexandmon
    I live 50 miles away and will be doing the commute (hopefully) everyday. If anyone who lives in the Glendale area wants to commute (when we get it let me know.
    I live in Ontario and work in Burbank...it's quite a commute, but the 210 and 57 have been great to me =)
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    Kimoleka...i actually plan on moving out to ontario if accepted, any apartments u can recommend to narrow down my search?? oh and thanks for all the tips for the interview...im so excited to get it over with tomorrow!!
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    hi everyone... im new at this but find this site is so helpful... i was wondering if i can get some insite on questions i have about Everest College... id really appreciate it!

    i was considering going to Westcoast University but honestly it is too expensive.. i tried looking at it in all angles but paying back a loan for over 150k just seems ridiculos... now im looking into Everest College for the ADN RN program...

    can someone please tell me what kind of entrance exam i would need to take and what subjects for covered in the test?

    is there a practice exam?
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    CARLEY15...checkout previous pages around page 7 and you will see info on the hesi exam.
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    HEYY everyone so my interview was yesterday, and it went so smooth!! essay was 150 word minimum on why i wanna be a nurse. next was the interview...basic questions like your strengths and weaknesses, how did you handle the most difficult time in your life, how you deal with puke and blood...everyones super sweet, dont be nervous! GOOD LUCK!
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    Hello everyone I was wondering if someone who has taken the HESI could clarify what is necesscary to pass the Hesi and please break it into sections....I know for West Coast University where I also was going to go you have a 80% pass rate but it just for Math and English.......also I want to know if there is anybody on here who is actually attending Everest and if your in the Nursing Program already and I have a question regarding the program.....I was wondering if once you start taking Nursing courses do they make take a HESI exam for example when your done with Pharmacology do they make you take a HESI exam for pharmacology because I know for fact that West Coast University makes you take an HESI and what I learned from a student that goes there is that it is super hard to pass the HESI which is given by the school and that it doesn't matter how good you do in the actual class , what matters is whether or not you pass the HESI exam at the end of that class. So just curious as to how Everest nursing program works?

    Thank you
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    I have my interview already for the 23!! wooo excited!!

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