Dominican University and Sonoma State University

  1. For those of you who know, do you have to have all the prerequisites done before applying to Dominican University in San Rafael? Or can you have some non sciences in progress like Sociology and/ or Psychology?I heard from a classmate that Sonoma State University is so impacted it didn't accept any new applicants this past Spring. Is that true?
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  3. by   ladytamarin
    Here is a link about Dominicans Prereqs, The link has the student services administrators contact info that can help you with that. Many/most nursing schools are currently impacted and some are limiting their program sizes. The job market for new nurses is also impacted, so be aware.

    Good luck!
  4. by   RNKPCE
    Domincan is a beautiful small university. When I visited(5 years ago) we were told that you can't just take your prerequisites and then transfer in and expect to start the the nursing program right away. You will probably spend 1-2 semester doing upper division general education. This is where it gets expensive. I believe tuition is over $30K a year now. Housing back 5 years ago was triple occupancy starting at $11k. I've heard some years they've overbooked and students have stayed in local hotels. If you start their as a freshman you can accepted as a nursing major from the start no separate application. So you might get done in 4 years but paying their tuition all 4 years. But going the CC route doesn't mean you can just transfer and start nursing right away, they make you wait while taking other classes.

    I believe other people have posted that you can bide your time by taking a one unit course there until you can actually start the program not sure the cost on that though
  5. by   SfcitygirlRN
    has anbody heard a decision from the nursing program yet?