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Hello all; Has anyone heard from Dameron?... Read More

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    I believe ----------- is the med/tele manager. And I'm feeling just as anxious as the rest of you. Anxiety is killing me! My phone has 3% left.
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    They are calling. Keep those phones on and see you all in Oct.!
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    GOT THE CALL!!!!!!! I will see you guys soon!!
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    Got the call too!!!! So pleased that we will get to be coworkers!!!! Congrats!!!!🎉
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    Also got the call!!! Lol! I'm so relieved... I don't think it's 100% really hit me yet. I'm beyond excited and look forward to meeting you all soon **happy dance**
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    Did anyone get an " official call" from HR yet? I'm wondering when background checks & physicals are needed?
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    Oh good someone posted that. I was going to ask the same thing but didn't want to come off as inpatient so I was going to wait a couple more hours lol. No, I have not received an official call. I'm guessing they were busy due to the Holiday, but I do remember them saying we would get one this week so hopefully later on today.
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    Thanks for the reply @edithjg.... I was going to wait a couple of hours too but was expecting the same reason for the delay. Hopefully soon because I want to get things rolling even though we dont officially start until Oct 15th
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    HR is making the calls it seems.
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    Really? Haven't gotten one yet. 😞

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