Dameron Hospital Summer 2012 - page 6

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    I feel SO lucky to have been chosen for a third interview!!!! It's amazing that they cut it down to such a small group of us so fast. Wishing everyone the best of luck this week.. I know all of us will rock it!!

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    I'm super nervous....have no idea what to expect...
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    Hi guys - just wondering, were there a lot of vacant spots in their parking lot? The last two times I didn't park in the hospital's parking lot! Thanks!!!
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    I just parked in the front. Good luck everyone. They said they'll do call backs next week if not as early as Friday. Nervous and excited at the same time
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    Any calls yet??? I am SOOOO nervous!
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    No I swear I've almost drained the battery on my phone checking every 2 minutes. Then my phone range twice already (friends calling) and I swear I almost had a heart attack. I've notified all that no one is allowed to call me because I get too excited only to be disappointed lol. Well at least now I feel better knowing/hoping that they haven't started calling. This wait is killing me!!!
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    Ugh, I know EXACTLY what you mean! My phone has barely left my hand all day.
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    I know, I'm trying to "forget" about it.

    It sucks even more that its a labor day weekend!

    But I'm curious, do you guys know which nurse was the Med/Surg manager? I was never introduced to her!
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    Lol luckily I'm going out of town for the weekend so I might be able to get it off my mind for a couple days.

    As for the med surg manager, I'm thinking she was the kinda quiet one? I know which ones were critical care and tele, so I'm guessing the other one had to have been med surg (I can't remember her name), but she was at all three of my interviews.
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    was she the only one with dark brunette hair?

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