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  1. by   NursesRock88
    Did anyone get an " official call" from HR yet? I'm wondering when background checks & physicals are needed?
  2. by   edithjg
    Oh good someone posted that. I was going to ask the same thing but didn't want to come off as inpatient so I was going to wait a couple more hours lol. No, I have not received an official call. I'm guessing they were busy due to the Holiday, but I do remember them saying we would get one this week so hopefully later on today.
  3. by   NursesRock88
    Thanks for the reply @edithjg.... I was going to wait a couple of hours too but was expecting the same reason for the delay. Hopefully soon because I want to get things rolling even though we dont officially start until Oct 15th
  4. by   jda1977
    HR is making the calls it seems.
  5. by   NursesRock88
    Really? Haven't gotten one yet. 😞
  6. by   NursesRock88
    Never mind... 😊
  7. by   ilovescrubs
    Have you guys signed your job offer yet? I only did a drug test and signed papers for consent for a background check.
  8. by   NursesRock88
    I think once all checks are passed, then the offer should be ready to sign.
  9. by   CaliRN<3
    October 15th can't come quick enough!! I am getting sooooo bored with not working or going to school!! What have you all been doing to pass the time???
  10. by   edithjg
    Watching TV....LOTS of TV. I'm now almost done with Season 4 of Breaking Bad and I'm too embarrassed to say when I started watching it. Also I took up boxing lol. This past month has been the slowest month of my life and like you this whole no work or school is driving me craaaazy!! I'm counting down the days and hours till Oct 15th.

    Random informal survey: I'm curious where everyone is from. I'm currently in Rancho Cordova (a bit over an hour drive).
  11. by   CaliRN<3
    Yep, that's totally me too. Watching TV all day and working out when I feel motivated- which isn't very often! LOL. I hate feeling like I have nothing to do, but I guess it's the calm before the storm! I'm sure we will soon be complaining about having TOO much to do and being pooped after our long days!

    That is quite a commute for you! Do you know what shift you'll be working? Hopefully you wont hit traffic in the mornings. Right now I'm living in Tracy- about half an hour away- so it's not too bad of a drive.
  12. by   edithjg
    I signed my contract to work night shifts do that will take some adjusting. I plan on moving closer as soon as I get a couple paychecks. First paycheck is already 100% reserved for the downpayment of a car. In less then a month I've already had to get my car towed to the mechanic TWICE!! I'm still driving my very first car, I think it's done it's time and time for a newer more reliable vehicle.

    Less than 2 weeks left! I'm sure as it gets closer time will go by faster. I look forward to meeting everyone!
  13. by   ilovescrubs
    I'm totally there with you guys! I just bought a car - yes, with the help of my dad (borrowing money) so I know how you feel edithjg! My car wasn't about to make it either!

    Now that time is going by faster, I'm actually getting pretty nervous but excited! I'm trying to enjoy life, appreciate the sunshine, the cool breeze, hanging with friends before I don't see them often...but I'm soo ready to hang up my apron and say bye bye to my housewife duties!

    I'm from Sac-town! So I also have less than an hr commute also!

    Looking forward to meeting you guys on the 15th! We should yell out our allnurses.com ID names in class and hug each other - we made it through the selection process!