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Hello all; Has anyone heard from Dameron?... Read More

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    ...colleagues not colleges lol. (Don't know how to edit via iPhone app)

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    I also got the call today!! But its for Med Surg! Darn, wished I could work with you guys! I don't think I want to know how many are interviewing, but seems like it might be a lot - q 30 mins! Well whatever happens from here, wish you guys best of luck, and hope this is evidence to you all that you are definitely qualified and wanted !
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    Yay edithjg! We WILL be colleagues WHEN we get hired!!! I think the CCU manager likes me better than the ICU manager, so that's probably my best bet. If I remember right from the open house, they said there are 6 openings just for critical care so hopefully the odds are in our favor. And I'm assuming the CNO doesn't want to waste her time interviewing TONS of applicants for a few positions, so my thinking is that they cut it down pretty good for her

    And ilovescrubs- I think all of the new grads have lecture time together, so we will all get to hangout anyways!

    Keeping fingers crossed for all of us.. hopefully we will be meeting soon

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    CaliRN<3 - Nothing would make me happier! I think our odds are really good because like you said the CNO isn't going to want to waste her time with tons of applicants.

    ilovescrubs- the clinical manager of med-surg/tele is sooo nice and friendly Yes, like CaliRN<3 said (and I know this because I asked in the 1st interview) although we are all going to different units we are all graduating as the same cohort. We will be taking most of the same classes together and all that fun jazz.

    Yes I look forward to meeting you guys at our new hire orientation
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    Congrats to everyone who got a call back! Hopefully we will all get to work together!
    So I asked and they said over 400 applied, and narrowed to only 17 for the 3rd interview. Hiring only 7 for critical care...
    GOOD LUCK everyone!!!
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    Awesome news NursesRock88! I wanted to ask how many were interviewing, but was too caught up in the excitement and forgot. Just out of curiosity is it 17 total for the 3rd interview or 17 for 3rd critical care interview. Thats probably too detailed of a question but I figured I would ask :P Either way we should all be very proud of ourselves!
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    I believe it is 17 interviewees total for the 3rd interview!!! And 7 will be chosen for the critical care positions.
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    Do you happen to know how many will be chosen / hiring for the Med-Surg position? Thanks!!!
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    NursesRock88- wow those are great odds!

    Ilovescrubs- I believe 7 as well. During the 1st interview the interviewer said had half the opening were for ICU positions and the other half were for med/surg. That means great odds for ALL of us!
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    They told me during the 1st interview that they are looking to hire 10-15 for this new versant cohort. As for med-surg/tele, I'm not certain because I didn't ask. Praying for all of us! good luck!PS-does anyone know if they are done doing call-backs yet?

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