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    Yes, I did my preceptorship in ICU and worked there as well.
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    CaliRN- That is awesome! Hoping you land a third interview then job offer!
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    For those who had interviews already, did they collect your 3 letters of recommendations, essay, and college transcript?

    I'm struggling to get my 3rd letter of rec on time for the interview...

    Thank you! Good luck to everyone!!!
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    I've only been to one interview but I don't recall them telling me to bring those items.
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    Anyone get calls this week? Trying not to get discouraged, but they made calls so quickly after the first interviews that I'm starting to feel a little anxious because I have not heard back! Fingers crossed for all of us!
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    Just an update for everyone, they will start making calls for third interviews at the end of next week. I did my second interview yesterday and did not 100% go as smoothly as it did in my head. You could definitely say I stuck my foot in my mouth on more than one occasion and pretty much started crying as soon as I got out of the room lol (funny now, not so funny yesterday). I hope they can see past that and realize I was just extremely nervous and can see that I would make an excellent nurse for their hospital. Good luck to all that are still in the running (hopefully including myself). If you didn't get a call back don't be too discouraged (easier said than done I know) and just keep on looking and applying. I mean people ARE getting old and they will HAVE to start retiring. Unless they have found some secret fountain of youth formula that they are just not telling us.
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    Thank you edithjg! That is great to know! And my second interview didnt go as smoothly as planned either.. I definitely messed up on a few questions, but I'm hoping that they understand that as new graduates we aren't always going to know what to do right away or how to handle new situations. Hopefully we will all be getting calls this week for third interviews with the CNO!
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    I just had my 2nd interview, and didn't do as well either. Especially after looking up the answers! Maybe if we all did bad, they wouldn't grade us too hard? :P But yeah, trying to stay positive too. I also heard that they won't get back till end of next week.
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    ^ LOL! That's the type of positive thinking I'm talking about :P Yes maybe if we all didn't do our best we'll all be ok??? haha. Did you just interview this week? I thought they said they would start contacting the end of this week (as in tomorrow) to conduct final interviews next week, but maybe (hopefully) I misunderstood. I hope we get calls back!!! If by a miracle of God I get a call back I'm freaking going to have an MI out of excitement.
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    Hahah.. yeah i'll probably get a MI and a PVC! LOL..

    The RN said next week, but I think I'm at the end of the cycle of 2nd interviews, so they might start making it sooner - hopefully. Also, I just had to ask - but I also asked if we were to get rejected, how long would it take to be notified. They didn't sound so sure, but they did mention it will be a while and most likely via mail.

    But yes, let's stay positive and take it as a learning experience !
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    Quote from edithjg
    ^ Yes maybe if we all didn't do our best we'll all be ok??? haha.
    LOL! Hopefully we all did EQUALLY bad and will be getting calls very soon! What units did you guys interview for?
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    They started making calls today!! I just received my invite for a 3rd interview! I was shaking while talking on the phone, I almost thought I was having a seizure haha. I applied to the for the critical care unit. Hope you get a call soon!
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    WOOHOO!!!! Congrats!!! I got my call this morning too and couldn't be happier! Do you have any idea how many are interviewing for 3rd round? I was planning on asking but was too excited and forgot! LOL

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