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    CaliRN- Congrats on your second interview!! I have my second interview next week. Oy! I was told the second interview are clinical scenarios. Did they ask you different clinical scenarios and then ask you to plan care for them or did they ask you for different clinical scenarios in your past? I'm kinda sorta freakin out!!! Anyways hope fully you'll get a call for a 3rd interview

    Sfforumer- I'm not sure if the first interview is based on the unit you are applying to. When I did it there was a panel of 4 (although I was told there would be 7) and they just asked basic questions about yourself and asked what unit you were interested in. When I did it the panel consisted of 2 critical care, 1 telemetry, and 1 med/surg nurse. Good luck! I know they are still in the process of doing 1st round interviews so don't lose hope

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    edithjg: Congrats on your second interview! A friend of mine had their first interview this week, and is still waiting to hear back. Did you hear back for a second interview immediately after your first?
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    Ihellalovenursing- Thanks! Yup, I interviewed Wednesday morning and received a call for a second interview at the end of the same day.

    Sfforumer- I just checked my app status online and it also says closed so I wouldn't count myself out if I were you.
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    edithjg- the second interview was a little bit of everything! I was super nervous because I didnt know what to expect and had NO time to prepare, but I feel like I did ok. Just be honest and use your critical thinking skills! And remember, if you got a second interview, they already like you!
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    Thanks for the quick rely! They told me they are accepting 16 spots this round so hopefully we'll all get in!
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    Hello CaliRN and edithjg: Congrats to you both for landing a second interview! I applied, but I am still waiting to hear back. Did you two do your preceptorship in an ICU?
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    Yes, I did my preceptorship in ICU and worked there as well.
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    CaliRN- That is awesome! Hoping you land a third interview then job offer!
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    For those who had interviews already, did they collect your 3 letters of recommendations, essay, and college transcript?

    I'm struggling to get my 3rd letter of rec on time for the interview...

    Thank you! Good luck to everyone!!!
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    I've only been to one interview but I don't recall them telling me to bring those items.

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