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Hello...I'm applying for Fall 2012 Cohort. Anyone else? I'm taking Microbiology right now and hoping to still have time to get accepted for Fall 2012 after I complete this course. Cutting it close... Read More

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    Hellooo everyone! It was nice to see everyone at orientation yesterday. I'm sure I haven't had the chance to meet everyone so I made a Facebook group under CSUSM ABSN TEMECULA COHORT 13, so please feel free to search & join the group. Plus it will also be an easier & quicker way to contact one another!

    I'm looking forward to getting to know you all

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    Hi guys! The rolling process confuses me a little bit. I sent my application in around June (in hopes of getting in Spring 2013). I got my Advising Worksheet last week and it says Fall 2012 applicant. Since its rolling, it means I'm applying for Spring 2013 too right? AHH so stressful.
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    I am staying with my parents. It is 13 miles away from the Temecula campus. I think it is about a 10 to 15 mins drive.
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    Lanibear, the Fall cohort is full. There will be two more cohorts in the Spring. Your application is good for one year so you will definitely be considered for Spring 2013 and probably Fall 2013 if you need the extra time. After that you would have to reapply.

    The rolling process just means they take some percentage of the top applicants each month and roll the remaining applicants into the pool of applicants for the next month.

    I hope this helps a little and best of luck!
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    I live in Carlsbad as well. We should set up a schedule study sessions once 2nd semester starts.

    I have already taken some of the classes for first semester as well so I only have two right now.

    We should get in touch sometime!

    It is so exciting to be starting this journey!! wohoo!
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    i just got the conditional acceptance email today for spring 2013! thanks for answering me :]
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    Congrats Lani!!!!! Which campus?
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    Congrats Lani!!!!! Which campus?
    temecula campus! do students usually reside in san marcos and commute to temecula? Or just reside in temecula..?
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    A lot of people commute to the Temecula campus from all over. I want to say about half are actually living in Temecula, but it might not even be that much. Some people moved from far away. Others have jobs and family in nearby areas and so they commute. It is pretty random. You just have to figure out what works best for you.
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    I'm already sick of this drive and it's only week 2!!!
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