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Hello...I'm applying for Fall 2012 Cohort. Anyone else? I'm taking Microbiology right now and hoping to still have time to get accepted for Fall 2012 after I complete this course. Cutting it close... Read More

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    I received a conditional acceptance to Fall 2012 just last week. I'm graduating this Friday!! So hopefully, everything is set in stone after I turn in my finalized transcript. congratulations to those accepted & I wish the best of luck to those waiting!

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    That is encouraging to hear! My kids are 3,5 and 8 currently!
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    Alright, I'm trying not to be a wreck until I get my advising worksheet. I've been reading posts from past years and I am really nervous about getting in (much like everyone else). I took all of my pre-nursing core very early in my college years and got C's or better but my GPA isn't high enough (cum or pre nursing).

    I want to retake some of the pre-nursing core classes, but the advisors made it seem like that wouldn't help as much as retaking the TEAS. Even if I get the highest score on the TEAS, I will have less than 20 overall points. There's no way I can get in the program with that...right?

    Any thoughts on re-taking those classes (Anatomy/Physiology, etc)?
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    Hi K, my classes are really old also and thankfully CSUSM is okay with that. I don't know what there exact cutoff is to get in as they only publish the averages. You could always ask though.

    I can't imagine there being any problem accepting any classes that you retake. They push focusing on the TEAS test first because it is the fastest way to bring up your overall points. If your gpa is still too low I think you'd have to retake classes.
    On the bright side, if you retook most or all of the core classes such that they were less than five years old, you could apply anywhere and have more options. Obviously start with the lowest grades if you do end up retaking classes.
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    Thanks markE! I am going to retake some classes anyway...just to brush up. I am so excited about this career change and it never hurts to revisit
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    So I went to hand-deliver my last transcript to extended learning today. When I got home I emailed one of the advisors to ask if the fall 2012 cohort was full. I was told that it's very close to being filled and that the applications they are now receiving will most likely be rolled over for spring 2013 admission. BOOOOOOO.
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    Nevermind, I received my acceptance email today for fall! Yay!!! Has anyone else heard for fall? So exciting!!
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    Hi everyone,

    I just received my conditional acceptance for Fall 2012. I am kind of freaking out because I wasn't expecting it this close to the start of classes, I thought I had been rolled over to Spring. I have until Sunday to decide. I will be coming from Sacramento and would love to have roommates to keep living expenses down. So if you're still undecided about where to live or need a roommate please contact me. How is everyone paying for tuition, anyone taking out loans? I will most likey have to and haven't put much thought into it until now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Like I said, I'm kind of panicking! Congrats to everyone for being accepted. I will probably begin the apartment hunt when I come down for orientation.

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    Hi pcris001,

    Let me know if you're still looking for a roommate or apartment. I will be in the area for orientation and start apartment hunting.
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    There is apparently a bulletin board at the Temecula campus for students looking for roommates. You can check that when you come down for orientation. Or you can probably just call the school and have someone there check it for you.

    As for finances, I guess CSUSM will talk to us more about that at orientation, but I'm doing some combination of cashing out savings/ retirement money, taking out loans, applying for scholarships, and making a little each month renting out my condo. I have also been applying for jobs because the first semester is only three classes and I figure that might leave extra time to work (at least until we start the second semester).

    I look forward to meeting everyone at orientation.

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