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Hello...I'm applying for Fall 2012 Cohort. Anyone else? I'm taking Microbiology right now and hoping to still have time to get accepted for Fall 2012 after I complete this course. Cutting it close as I heard they will start... Read More

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    Congrats you guys! I'm still awaiting word.

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    I was accepted into the ABSN Fall 2012 as well!! Yahooo!!

    Where do you guys live? I live in Carlsbad and was hoping to find someone to carpool with.

    Also, has anyone else already taken the three upper division general ed classes? I heard the first semester is just BIO 323, ANTH 301, and PHIL 345. I already took ALL of those so I get to sit out the first semester aka no tuition fees, no gas for me!

    I'm so excited! Congrats!
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    Hi! I was accepted for Fall 2012 in Temecula as well. I finished my last pre-req in Fall 2011. I'm excited and nervous. I live in San Diego and will be commuting, although I have a few friends who live in that area I might try to stay with at times if the schedule necessitates it. I have 3 kids too, so it should be interesting...but I know the 2 yrs will fly by and I'll be so happy I did it.
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    CRCASTLE - I just nannied for a mom who finished the ABSN program with three kids under 10 (: She just graduated.

    Can't wait to meet everyone and figure out carpool schedules! Hah!
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    I just got my advising sheet. The only class missing is child psych which I finish in 2 weeks. Hoping I will be getting the acceptance next so I can join you guys in the Fall.
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    Hi guys, I have a quick question. I received my advising sheet. However, the spot that list the last 60 units GPA is missing. They only show my core GPA. I called CSUSM and they said that they do not tell you your last 60 units GPA. Is that correct? It seem kinda weird to me because how am I suppose to calculate my points I have without my last 60 units GPA.
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    Hi Cookiedough. I received my admissions offer today and my advising sheet last week. I don't think I have a last 60 units gpa either. It does seem strange but may be because classes are still in progress and it will change.
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    This is so stressful! I'm gonna be finishing my last pre-reqs in the next two weeks but am worried that my official transcripts won't be ready in time for fall admissions. I've already submitted my teas scores and other transcripts, they are just waiting on my in-progress grades from this semester that's about to end. Anyone else in the same situation?
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    Congrats everyone! I was accepted last month too for Fall 2012 Temecula. Maybe we can start a group so we can all stay in touch as the semester approaches. I'm actually from New Jersey so anyone looking for a roommate please feel free to reach out.

    s.colpo- I initially applied for Spring 2012 with pre reqs in progress. I had stayed in touch with admissions up to the month before the semester was to begin and they still had spots open. If you can get your transcripts there in time there's always a chance!
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    Congrats to everyone that has been accepted so far... I can't wait to meet you all. To those who are still waiting, I wish you good luck! I also plan to commute, but from South Bay San Diego for at least the first semester, and then maybe get an apartment or rent a room once clinicals start.

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