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CSUSB Winter 2013 - page 5

Hey everyone, this is the first application process for a Nursing program for myself and I am only applying to CSUSB for Winter 2013. I wanted to see if anyone else is in the same boat as me. I am... Read More

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    I GOT ACCEPTED!!! oh man i was nearly having a heart attack on the way there lol.

    i wish we could do a fb group or something for winter 2013 students? like darkbluephoenix did for the fall 2012 class..what do you guys think??

    if you want to email me, i can check if your names on the list (if thats allowed)
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    OH my stats

    gpa: 3.85
    teas: i don't remember but i turned in V5 which was only like 76% AND V4 which was in the high 80s and they said they would take the better of the 2, they both have different weights since V5 is more difficult

    2 letters of rec, bilingual, and resident of SB county. i dont remember what else was required. oh and i'm a cna, but they don't take that into account.

    if you want to raise your gpa, like you got a B in A&P. you can take A&P at another school to try and get an A (:
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    oh actually i had a 3.86 sorry. though i don't know if the .01 makes a difference
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    we should have a Facebook page that will be awesome
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    Yes someone make a Facebook group! Congrats!
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    Lets make the facebook group!!! I can't wait to meet everyone
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    Any suggestions on the name of the group?? I'm not very creative lol :/ and yes I can't wait to meet everyone! I'm dying to get my letter in the mail to make it feel more real lol
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    Anything would work! Maybe just the obvious CSUSB Winter 2013 Nurses ?! Haha I'm not sure. I can't wait for my letter as well!
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    Let us know when you guys get the letters and when the group is created and what it is called!
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    haha! ah see, i was thinking CSUSB 2016 Nurses lol . ..or something like that. what has a better ring to it? any other suggestions?
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    That works too :P ....2016?! Seems so far away haha I am so nervous but excited!!
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    Anything works with me!! The letters got sent out yesterday, that's what I was told. They should come in soon!
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    I received my official acceptance letter in the mail today!! I'll be ditching class to attend orientation haha