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Hey everyone, this is the first application process for a Nursing program for myself and I am only applying to CSUSB for Winter 2013. I wanted to see if anyone else is in the same boat as me. I am... Read More

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    Hey guys how can I find out? Did emails go already or letters? I'm feeling doubtful since you all have been accepted.

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    Hi miketbp! There weren't any emails but letters were sent in the mail last week. There is also a list of those accepted posted in the nursing department at csusb. if you'd like I can email it to you.
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    Quote from loislane23
    New to the thread but just wanted to say congrats to everyone!!! I also got accepted to Winter 2013! I am looking forward to meeting all of you. Just an FYI, I went to the Nursing Department to turn in my acceptance letter and sign up for the CPR class. When I was there they told me there is a limited number of spots so if you are interested sign up asap. It is $45 which is the least expensive I have seen for a BLS CPR class and the money is not due until the day of orientation.Congrats again!!
    Congratulations on getting in!!
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    So anything to post. Or can someone pm me to see the list of people who got in?
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    I'm new to this thread... But congrats to everyone!! I too was accepted! I can't wait to meet everyone!! We are going to be amazing nurses!!
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    Ps... Can anyone tell how I can join the fb group? I would love to start getting to know u guys
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    Hi, I noticed that you got into the fall 2012 nursing program at CSUSB. I just got admitted into the Winter 2013 program and wanted to ask you a few questions. I do not have a lot of money to buy their digital books and a laptop to download them, and I was wondering if you could give me a list of ISBN numbers for the books that are required for the program. I usually buy used books and prefer the actual books to a digital download. Please let me know if you can help and thanks a lot.
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    Hi 760Fatima2005,I was also admitted for Winter 2013 and we were given all the details for the required textbooks at orientation. Did you attend?
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    Yes, I attended. The problem is that the bundle of books costs $600.00 and it is a digital bundle. The ISBN listed on the bookstore website is for the digital books (I think 20 of them) and that is not what I want. I was trying to get the actual books, but I do not have the ISBN numbers or names for each of the books. That is why I was wondering if someone who already has the books can post the ISBN numbers so that I can see if I can get a used copy of them. Thanks for your reply.
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    Can you send me the link to join the facebook group? Thanks, my email is am.1234@live.com

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