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CSUSB Fall 2012 Hopefuls - page 5

Hey everyone! Well we made it mighty far and now we are done with pre reqs and on to applying! I am applying to the 2012 cohort and would like to invite everyone else that is applying to post here... Read More

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    DarkBluePhoenix thanks for the info. I called the school today to see when I meet with someone from the nursing dept to eval my completed courses. I checked out the pre-req's on the website and noticed they require 2 chem classes, at CSULB the one chem class I took meets their chem requirement. I am kinda bummed, chem again! Plus CSUSB requires letters of rec and volunteer hours!
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    Why are you bummed if the chem at csulb is equivalent to the chem at csusb?
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    Well the chem that I took was general chem which is inorganic. Then I took the next in sequence which is a organic/biochem mix. I love it! Biochemistry would be my back up if nursing doesnt work out. I also did it at a CC though. But isn't the chem for CSULB the organic biochem one? But CSUSB wants general chem too eh? At CSULB, isn't the organic biochem class have a pre req like o chem?
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    the chem at csulb covers general chem, organic chem, and biochem all in one semester. and according to assist.org it is equivalent to the csusb requirement. that's why i was wondering why victor3397 said "
    i am kinda bummed, chem again!"
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    Oi! Must me nice! I had to do two semesters lol..
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    Yeah I'm glad that it was all in one semester because I really don't like chem. It's my least favorite science and I really don't care for it. Haha
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    That's good they combined it thoughI love chem.Hey what your back up if nursing doesn't work out?
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    You mean if I don't get in the program?
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    Well Ms. ST you will make it in the program..I meant what's you plan B.
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    I took chem 20 at El Camino, but I am not sure if it is equivalent to their two required chem courses. I called CSUSB to check about the chem I completed and the person could not give me any info. She rec I go to CSUSB to have them evaluted, so I guess i have to take the hour and half drive.
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    Oi! Have fun. Go early though. Most people drive out of SB.Hopefully you get good news
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    Gosh that really sucks. You didn't try emailing? That's how I asked and handled my math class situation. I didn't have to drive out at all to get my class waived.
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    @Dark I dont have a back up career, but if I don't get into a program for Fall then I will be able to finish up a minor in Sociology and then reapply for nursing programs for the Spring semester. funny how I took sociology courses as 'fillers' while taking my Pre reqs and they actually count towards something I would only need 3-4 more classes to finish the minor so I would just do that in the fall