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Anyone applying for summer/fall 2012? Anyone can comment about the program (graduates, current students)? Thanks!... Read More

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    anyone still waiting to hear something from CSUN get anything in the mail yet?

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    hi everyone,

    i just found this thread! i have been accepted into the summer 2012 cohort. i accepted since the deadline was march 14th (today), but am still waiting to hear back from 1 other school before finalizing any decisions. i live in monterey, so csun is further than i intend but the program has some great rates and feedback. i am also interviewing for csula's elmn program so trying to decide if i should go the msn route or stay on the absn route. any feedback!?

    good luck everyone!
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    What was the Email Subject and sender for the acceptance email?
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    I spoke with CSUN yesterday and the woman said they will let everyone else know by next week via snail mail.
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    Thanks, ESK88, I also applied and have been dying to hear something. I will be checking my snail mailbox with anticipation every day!
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    shygstgurl- the email subject was ABSN Notification Letter and was from Ms. Moreno.

    I also just received my acceptance into the University, but on that letter I states acceptance for Fall 2012. But the ABSN Cohort I was accepted into is for Summer 2012. Anyone know anything about this? I need to call them next week.
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    I believe they said that you had to apply to CSUN for Fall 2012, and that qualifies you to start the ABSN either in the summer or fall. Congrats!
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    anyone planning on to apply for MSN program after after the graduation?
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    they have an msn program?
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    no csun doesn't. i was wondering if anyone is planning on to apply else where right after the graduation.

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