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Anyone applying for summer/fall 2012? Anyone can comment about the program (graduates, current students)? Thanks!... Read More

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    unfortunately they didn't specify. i had marked both, so i'm assuming it's if they have room in either they'll contact me. they won't let me know until a space opens, so that's a matter of waiting =)

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    the waiting is making me a little nuts, and I don't even have an alternate letter. I actually haven't heard back from them at all, which worries me. Do you have other options for nursing school happyperson2? Or are you going to just hold out and wait for csun?
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    Anyone here accepted, but not living in LA county right now? I asked someone at CSUN Nursing about when the fire card is due (to see if I could do it after I moved down, after we start class) and did not exactly get my question answered. The lady replied that I should get training around my own area, but I just want to verify that it transfers before I do anything, plus if it's not due until later then that saves me stress.

    I also am on the lookout for quiet places to live around Northridge. Currently, nobody is willing to give me a quote because they all want spaces filled now, not when we start in late May. Any ideas? Perhaps I need to make a 2-day trip down beforehand, 1 day to find places and 1 day to do a training.
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    mrgershom there are a lot of apartment buildings around CSUN. I would look into those. They are pretty much mostly occupied by students so I'm pretty sure you can get a good deal. I know some of them can be leased/rented per semester or on a month to month thing because of the fact that some students leave for the summer or graduate. I would live there because of how close they are to campus, (literally like across the street) restaurants, the mall, and because it is a good area to live in. I still live at home though lol so no need to rent one.

    I emailed the nursing dept about letters of admission/denial and got a response saying that letters were continuing to be sent out this week and next week. I am applying to the RN-to-BSN program but am assuming they may be referring to the ABSN program since some of you haven't heard from the department at all yet.

    Good Luck!!! I'm hoping to hear from them soon and hate this waiting game too!!
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    You might want to call them since they said they'd send out the letters by the 29th of March. I am just holding out for csun
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    I just called and was told that they will be continuing to send emails/letters this week and next. I am wondering at this point if the only spots left are for alternates. Either way, I just want to know something soon!
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    I know... I'm just anxious to hear some kind of news. Thanks for calling and for the update leanimal! I will continue to camp out next to my mailbox.
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    Has anyone been accepted yet into the Fall 2012 cohort? I know people were accepted already into the Summer 2012 cohort but I didn't read about anyone getting accepted into Fall. I wonder if the decisions for Fall are still being made?
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    does anyone know if this program grants you a bsn or a msn? Since we are considered graduate students for this program, if we want to end up obtaining a NP degree are we going to have to apply as a post-masters student or a regular MSN student?
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    fashionistaJ - not sure... i thought they were all sent out at the same time.

    danceluver - you've asked about the msn before... the program at csun is for a bsn.

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