CSULB Fall 2013 BSN

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    I just submitted my application yesterday and thought I'd start a thread for this process! I was involved in one last year when I applied, and it was really helpful to know what was going on, and where my stats where with others! I was told that they are expecting over 500 applicants, and we would hear back by the end of February! Good luck everyone!

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    Good Luck to you! What was your GPA?
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    4.0 in Sciences and "big four", 3.85 transferable.
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    @redwards6- good stuff. did u calculate ur total score IE: fundamentals (math, english, comm, critical thinking), science, and teas?
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    I have a 9.4. I applied last year with physio in progress and was told after not being accepted that I had earned a 9.00. I think I was .1 away from getting in. Anyhow, I got all of the coreq's done, so my first semester should be a bit lighter than it would have been. You??
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    Just graduated in December. U going for Trimester or basic?
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    Congratulations! Not sure.
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    Well if it counts the trimester program was rough, but most of the instructors were awesome. In hindsight-totally worth it. Dont have much experience with basics though. I might add that one of the perks to being a trimester was that most of our clinicals were based in LBMMC, whereas the basic students had more commuting. LMK if i can answer any questions. I know i had a lot.
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    Thanks! It's great to have a contact if I have a question. I'm most likely going for trimester-I have two kids so I'd like to get the program over as quickly as possible, however, I need to figure what to do with them in the summer...
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    I, also, am applying for the Fall 2013 program...I agree, great forum. This is my 2nd and final application. My score is 9.7

    Good luck to us all!

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