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I just submitted my application yesterday and thought I'd start a thread for this process! I was involved in one last year when I applied, and it was really helpful to know what was going on, and... Read More

  1. by   redwards6
    I only applied to CSULB, and Saddleback CC. Obviously, CSULB is my first choice, but this is also my second time applying to this school. I applied to CSULB last year at this time with a 9.00, but the cutoff was 9.11. I have now finished all of my prereq's and raised my score to a 9.4, and have gotten all of the coreq's out of the way.

    I have a four and a five year old, and going back to school has definitely been quite the experience. At this point, I am not taking any classes and just waiting for the interview email to show up in my inbox and keep me motivated! Maybe next week???? I was told end of February by the admissions counselor...
  2. by   gogo1717
    Yeah, I was worried about the change in repeating policies they have in effect now...I verified w nursing dept that the science expiration of 5 years is still applied. As of this applicant pool, the science pre-req. has to be w/in 5 years (or close to)...if not, you can retake and they count the most recent and the expired is not counted/avg'd. I know there were changes to the repeating of the gen gpa courses.

    I am also applying to CSUSB, PCC, Golden West, ELAC, Rio Hondo, LA County, Azusa Pacific, Cerritos, LBCC...it's only taking a million transcripts : )

    Given the past threads, I decided to take Pathophysiology and Pharm at Golden West this Spring...I figured since they are pretty much standard semester 1 classes of every nursing program it wouldn't hurt. I also noticed that everyone was scrambling last min to do the registration and adding so I would do it this semester to avoid the rush.
  3. by   gobeach2013
    ahh it's already the 25th! please let us know if you receive an interview invite and i'll do the same (:

    and i'm taking nutrition 339 this spring semester and patho/pharm this summer IF i get into csulb nursing (:
  4. by   gogo1717
    Quote from gobeach2013
    ahh it's already the 25th! please let us know if you receive an interview invite and i'll do the same (:

    and i'm taking nutrition 339 this spring semester and patho/pharm this summer IF i get into csulb nursing (:
    "WHEN" you get in! Think it, believe it, and let the universe do the rest ; )

    I got very good advice...change all ur passwords to what u want to accomplish.

    My passwords now include "iamanurse"
  5. by   redwards6
    @gmo77677, I love your positivity, and I cannot wait to get this email! I have already begun checking my email and spam multiple times per day. Just out of curiosity, what are you all hoping for-trimester or semester?

    And the waiting continues....
  6. by   gobeach2013
    @gmo77677 you have so much optimism (: you actually make me feel a lot better whenever i read your posts about being positive lol. and @redwards6, same here. i'm constantly checking my email on my phone :/ it's either this week or next week that we'll receive it.

    i'm also hoping for the trimester program. i'm already delaying graduation by 2 years and i want to finish asap.

    so much anxiety over all this waiting ...
  7. by   gobeach2013
    I wish there are more people in this forum to chat with . That way we'd know where we stand with stats and have more inside info about the application process.

    I feel like it has just been us three @gmo77677 and @redwards6 . Other than that, thumbs up to us
  8. by   gogo1717
    Hahahaha! That's hilarious...crickets! Maybe we're the only applicants???

    Well, by nature I am a pessimist and a worrier. I've had to train myself and surround myself w a lot of positive people. Just keep trying and keep getting up.

    I can't tell u how much I refresh the website for new info,

    My first choice is the 3 yr., I have 2 kids and I will need to come up for air. I started when my first was 1 yr...she's 11 now!!! Another year won't kill me...well maybe ; )
  9. by   Rgo8316
    Hey everyone I have also been checking my emails to see if they sent out the interview invites and it is very nerve racking! I believe that all of you guys have a great chance of getting in this coming fall (myself as well hopefully)!! For the program I wouldn't mind the 3 year program, because I can't imagine how intense it would be having to do the trimester and I'm in no rush to finish, just a rush to get in a program and get started! Lol.
  10. by   gogo1717
    Go gobeach2013! You successfully recruited!!!

    Rgo8316, I'm totally w your thinking ; )
  11. by   redwards6
    I have two kids also and I'm totally on the fence about trimester or semester. I'd like to get done in two years but what am I gonna do with a 5 and 6 year old in the summer? And the beach will be calling my name...I'm just waiting for some clarity.

    No email today. Last year the interviews were only a week after the email invites got sent out. It's kinda exciting to think we could have our interviews next week!
  12. by   tristanugget
    Just signed up to join in the chat due to the comments above. I too am hoping to hear back from them. I rank a 9.57 on their 10 point scale. Currently going to GWC taking patho/pharm right now; I probably have class with you gmo. Patho is kicking my ass but i'm going to stick it out to see how I can do. I'll definitely post here if/when I receive an email from monalisa.
  13. by   Rgo8316
    Hey guys do you know by chance how long the interview would be and if we will most likely be standing or sitting? the only reason why I'm asking is because I read redwards6's post about the interviews possibly being a week after the invitation.. And I'm currently recovering from a foot surgery and might be in crutches