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I just submitted my application yesterday and thought I'd start a thread for this process! I was involved in one last year when I applied, and it was really helpful to know what was going on, and... Read More

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    Quote from gobeach2013
    Congrats gmo!!

    I knew you would make it (: I can't believe you, redwards and I have received interview invites. Felt like yesterday we were the only ones on this forum lol.

    Now I'm just worried that I could be an alternate since the cutoff is 9.2something. We'll just wait and see how it all turns out.
    So we know that cutoff has to be below 9.23
    We have 1 member here with 9.19 with the invite
    We have someone with 9.1 with no invite

    Estimation: the cutoff is 9.15

    Gobeach: I hope you are not an alternate, because we have similar scores...

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    It's sad for me to even have to know this now, but I definitely think I'm in alternate.. I confirmed that I am at a 9.25, which is not too far from the cut off.
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    Quote from tristanugget
    Scheduled my interview for 12. Also asked about whether or not I was an alternate and where I stand but all she told me was that I'm a 9.6 which is .3 higher than i calculated for myself and I did the math quite a few times. Did this happen to anyone else?
    I called to check my score. I thought I had a 9.45 but she told me that my score was 9.54. Better for me :]]
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    hmm just checked my score too. She said mine is 9.48 which is a lil bit higher than what i calculated myself (9.45)... (I was hoping for some miracle that would pump my score up haha...)

    anyway I was about to ask her what the cutoff is. I was like "do you know.." and she said right away "No, I can't tell you where you are in the list. That's the rule." then hanged up. Everyone must have asked her this a lot.

    Everyone should call her to verify your score. Chance is you might have higher score than you think.
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    I am going to call! I want my score to jump up! Lol
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    Quote from redwards6
    I am going to call! I want my score to jump up! Lol
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    did you call to check your score yet? i dont want to bother her but i really want to know my score lol
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    I hope the people in my interview are nice. It seems like it has a lot to do with partner or group interaction. It would suck if they are rude or just flat out obnoxious. But I am pretty sure I have nothing to worry about right? It is just the stress talking. :]]
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    I just set up an interview for noon! My score is only a 9.17, so I bet I'm on the alternative list. I'm so freakin nervous and don't know what to do. I just got accepted into UC Denvers nursing program and need to tell them yes/no by the end of this week. Of corse I'd rather go to CSULB, but I don't want to risk being in the alternative list and not making it in. UGGGGGGHHHHHHHH
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    Oh wow @wasabimama, that's quite the predicament! I would go with the program that you feel most confident with. @gobeach, I haven't called, I don't want to bug her either. I knew my score from last year which was higher than I thought and just upped my phys grade from a C to an A (phys was in progress at the time), and that told me my score. I'll ask at interviews.

    For the ladies-outfit ideas? I know it's not the most important part but I don't own much "business casual".

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