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Hi! I think the CSULB School of nursing recently post new pool statistics including those who were chosen for Fall 2011. Knowing that the rating average is 8.91/10, that seems like a huge... Read More

  1. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    So I am confused, did you mean you wanted pre req notes or nursing school notes. If the former, then I agree with ST in that emailing the instructors to get a syllabus and then find the book they use and try and study that. If you got your BA then a lot of your GEs are done. If its the ladder then that's a lot of info that would be better taught over self study. So if pre reqs is what you need, that's good and all you need to focus on is your sciences. Unfortunately these sciences are better learned through lecture, lab and importantly through active participation. Which you can't do at home. Some of the core sciences are offered online. I don't know if they are recommended and if they will transfer but its a shot. If you got 5+ years to wait why don't you sign up for a CNA or EMT class? Get your feet wet and see if its what you really want to do.Other then that there isn't much preparation for something you technically can't do until your kid is 5 or 6. Oh and I think volunteering would be good if you can't go take a CNA of EMT class. Good luck!
  2. by   CluelessNursingGuy
    I definitely agree on focusing on your prerequisites before the actual nursing classes. 5 years is a long time, and while most of the information won't change, there will still be small changes here and there. It's difficult to predict what life will bring about then. By focusing on CSULB's information, you're putting all your eggs into one basket. I don't mean to sound discouraging, but you have to realize, that no one is a definite shoe-in for CSULB's nursing program, or any nursing program for that matter, especially in CA. Since you have a BA already, you'll be looking to enter the Entry Level Masters program. 5 years from now, you may change your mind and find another school better suited for you which of course will be differ in their emphasizing/skipping of certain nursing curriculum. As least by focusing on your prerequisites, you will be able to apply to a variety of schools after their completion. Just my .
  3. by   WholeLottaField
    Thanks so much for the responses, I do appreciate them...
    Yeah, 5 years is a long stretch... I remember my dad (a high school football coach), telling me why you can't throw the ball deep every play:

    "Every situation is different. What you do on 1st and 10 from your own 5 yard line is gonna be different than what you do on 3rd and long from their 20. There's a whole lotta field you have to take into consideration, so make the best play for the circumstance you're in...."

    Hence, the name.

    I get that there's a "whole lotta field" between this year and 5 years from now, I just don't want the time to pass without me working towards some goal. I've spent the past few months reviewing YouTube videos on Anatomy and Physiology, and even if I give myself a generous six months to concentrate on each prereq, that's still going to give me ample time to at least familiarize myself with the contents of nursing school, and the advanced degrees I'm seeking. I don't presume to have gained a mastery of the material, but if I have at least some exposure to it, I will be that much more comfortable with it in the classroom.

    It's the same mentality, really, as a prisoner who acquires a law degree-- might as well use the time to my advantage.

    I'll be about 40 when I'm done here at home- my plan is to complete the MSN so that I can put in a good 10 years on the floor to gain valuable work experience before transitioning to an educational role, like teaching. I understand it is a physically demanding job, both of my parents and one of my sisters have careers as nurses. As a 50 year old, in front of a classroom is where I see myself.

    Thanks again...
  4. by   Spiffyness
    Has anyone completed and turned in their CSULB app for Fall 2012 yet? We don't need to attach a printed copy of our TEAS results right? just send them from the ATI website?
  5. by   CluelessNursingGuy
    I haven't even ordered my transcripts yet. I'm waiting for the first week of school to obtain my final schedule before ordering them. Did you receive yours yet?

    I'm not sure if have to turn in a hard copy of our TEAS results. How do we send them through the ATI website?
  6. by   Spiffyness
    Yeah I received them. It doesn't say to include our TEAS results in the packet, just says to send them through the ATI website. To do this you log in, go to "my results", then click the paper symbol with the green arrow under Purchase transcript to send your highest score to whichever school. Costs $25
  7. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    Oh lol. Yea I figured as much. I sent the official ones to CSULA so I guess I will send more official to CSULB. So in the packet is just app, checklist and transcripts?Gosh so much stuff to do! I'm stressing!
  8. by   Spiffyness
    Yup that's all you include in the packet.
  9. by   lucyc66
    I'm applying! And i'm realizing now, after reading all of your guys' comments, that i still have a lot to get done.

    So is this where we compare stats? I'm really excited to find out what i'm up against.
  10. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    let see.....

    Science GPA: 4.0
    GE GPA: 3.5
    TEAS overall: 84%
    TEAS math: 90%

    That puts me at............drum roll...................................... 9.23 points!

    What about you?
  11. by   Spiffyness
    I turned in my app yesterday. You only have to send your teas score from the ati website, not a hard copy.
  12. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    too bad though. talk about expensive! glad CSUSB lets you send the print out and save you $$.
    I haven't turned in my app, i figure they will disqualify me in a about a couple of weeks anyway so i am not hoping for much. good luck to everyone else applying though!
  13. by   Spiffyness
    Maybe you should call them and tell them about your situation so you don't waste $31 (TEAS score transcript + certified mail/return receipt) for the application. Or make sure that you're a valid applicant beforehand