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Hi! I think the CSULB School of nursing recently post new pool statistics including those who were chosen for Fall 2011. Knowing that the rating average is 8.91/10, that seems like a huge... Read More

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    Yes dark blue, my class is in progress now and will be done june 2012. I will look into it, thank you!

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    I am not putting myself down. I am not complaining about it. I am being real, I am not going to get my hopes up for something that I am 99.9% sure of not happening. As I have stated. I have accepted this. I am grateful I have made it this far, just like you and everyone else. But, in the end, its not how far you get, its if you make it there or not. I am not going to jump for joy for not getting in. I want to get in, my chances are low, but I want to get in. I have accepted that my score, based on my 'work' is not good enough. That is on me. I could have done better. But I didn't, not like everyone else. I have accepted it.
    It is hard to be the person with the low score, the person in the 'maybe' pile. When you are there, you will understand what it is like. Since I am assuming your not, you can't really understand it.
    As for the everything happens for a reason crap, what is the reason for getting to the finish line, when you can never cross it? What is the reason there? None that I can see. If it is for the interview experience, I have had plenty of REAL interview experience.
    Anyway, I am not trying to offend you or start an argument. I am, unfortunately, one of those people that rather low-ball it then get my hopes up. At least it wont hurt as bad in the end.
    But, if it makes you feel better and by the grace of God that I do get accepted, then I shall grant you the 'I told you so' card to use whenever you feel like it. lol
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    Quote from PeaceLoveHapp3ness
    Hi Everyone!

    I am new member. I was just curious about what others were saying about the CSULB nursing program and was just surfing the net and happened to find this site!

    I also interviewed on Wednesday. My interview was in room 36, I think, at 1pm. I showed up at around 11. I met some people, including BeachSideNic. It was nice talking to members of the CNRA, they were really nice, enthusiastic and helpful. They really calmed me down a bit.

    I'm pretty sure I probably had some of you guys in the same interview. I was wearing black slacks, purple flats and a white blazer jacket.

    I am just sitting here worrying as usual. Just waiting for the days to pass by. The waiting is nerve-racking. I wish everyone the best!

    Good luck to everyone!
    I think you were in my group. I was in a purple shirt sitting at the end. Were you sitting next to me? My group had 3 girls and 3 guys. Does that sound right?
    So is BeachSideNic the guy who walked us to the interview room?
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    Quote from DarkBluePhoenix
    Hey guys! I wasn't able to get on at all today!

    I am so glad I met some of you today! I met Chloe, how did your interview go?
    I believe Ella was in my group in the interview and we were even partners in that little game (was pretty fun!)
    And BeachsideNic, I bombarded you with questions. I didn't have a chance to get to tell you who I was but thanks for giving me some insights!
    I met a lot of good people and everyone there seemed really determined to get in.
    I thought the interview was really easy, and not really an interview. More of like a group activity with watchers. Well whatever! It is over now the REAL wait begins as we hunt for acceptances letters! May the force be with us! (haha)
    Anyway, I didn't even think to ask how many they invited vs how many they would accept. The club people didn't know and probably couldn't tell us anyway, I asked. I didn't think to ask the interviewers because they were professors and probably wouldn't know. Who did you guys ask? I dont want to get my hopes up because two of you said (invited/accepted) 110/90 and one of you said 102/78. So I am not sure who to believe. I should have asked. Oh well.
    Now, no more freaking out over the interview, now we will be freaking out over when letters will come in. I hope they come in sooner than mid-April, I really don't want a bad birthday

    Anyway I am glad all of us got through it! I knew we all would.
    My interview went fine, I think lol. It wasn't bad at all. I'm relieved it's over! It was nice to finally meet other potential students =]
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    Quote from caligurl9
    I think you were in my group. I was in a purple shirt sitting at the end. Were you sitting next to me? My group had 3 girls and 3 guys. Does that sound right?
    So is BeachSideNic the guy who walked us to the interview room?
    Yes I was in your group! You were in the purple shirt with the black suit jacket, with brown hair? And no, I wasn't the one sitting next to you, I was the other girl across from you sitting at the end of the table near the proctor and sitting next to the two boys. I was wearing a white jacket. Yes, I am the black girl. Haha. Not trying to be rude or offensive, thats just another way to identify me.

    Oh and yeah, BeachSideNic was the guy who walked us to the room.
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    The Fall 2012 courses have been posted up. I checked the class sizes on the mycsulb portal for the lecture portions (2 lecture times) for the 1st semester classes and the seats add up to 84 for all of them. In comparison to Spring 2012 where seats totaled up to 92, but only 82 students were enrolled. They never accept more students than the class' capacity.

    In other words, expect the nursing cohort to be around 84 students and no more that.

    Schedule of Classes
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    Thanks for the update. I looked at the NUTR339 class and saw that they have an option of taking it on Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM from 8/27/12-9/22/12. Is that a new option? 4 Saturday's for 8 hours each, sheesh!
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    I would actually choose that option if I had the choice. Nutrition is an easy enough class that I would just want to get it out of the way. Then again, that's just me.

    Too bad we don't have any say in our schedules.
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    Thanks Clueless for the heads up!
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